Timothy Poe says he suffered an injury in Afghanistan and now has a majur stuttering problem as a result. Do you believe him?

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Why does the author of this article repeatedly spell soldier as 'solider', not only in the headline but again in the body of the article.


The asshole is lying. He didn't studder at all in an interview I saw him in on TV. He just cried like a big titty-baby. Don't believe this fool...he will do anything to become famous. He should be shot.


There is a reason the term snafu exists. Just because you can't find something in unit records doesn't mean they don't exist elsewhere and the stories aren't true. My dad was an army air corps weatherman, but he had phone numbers and codes that he last used in 1964 that brought the FBI and CIA to our house in less than an hour. There is nothing in his files to explain it, and he wouldn't tell me even when I was serving in 1969 and we were both drunk. That has made it easier for me to keep my oath like he did. I'll take everything to my grave that I swore to just like he did. Its even odder that my wife's father had the same MOS but got medals including combat medals from multiple governments during his time in Europe, and they are listed without explanation on his 214.


You will find very few Vets that will talk about what they have done in combat. It brings back too many flashbacks and nightmares. Although I have left the Army many years ago I still use SGT. I earned it. Beware of people who talk openly about being a hero, because they are not likly to be one. I hope the other guy sues the hell out of him. He can be put in jail for displaying false military awards. And MIMI is right, dont come here in NC.


WOW... Now I understand why he did not stutter back stage telling how he felt on stage. Lets invite him to the VFW for a few beers n a good but kicking for that BS story... Pine Grove, PA


For all of our service members still fighting the good fight, Thank you and God Bless you. Poe, man-up and explain your self. CW4 (R) Madrid


OMG! This is despicable! To think this freakin' guy had me crying while I was watching him on TV. There are few things so low as to pretend to have been wounded in the war. My dad was a WWII veteran and he definitely saw the horror of combat. I never realized when I was a child how the experience damaged him for the rest of his life. And now, this jerk-off comes on national television and pretends he's some kind of hero, just so we can feel sorry for him? And what's really sad is that he can actually sing. That should have been enough!


ok....i believe this UNTIL i have proof that it's a fraud. tim, if your reading this, i apreciate anybody and everybody who risks their life in war so i sure hope your lagit. when i watched thi episode, i had sooo much sympothy for you. i was crying and proud and thankful for you. i really realy do hope this whole thing is real and you didnt just make a fool of yourself. either way, thank you to EVERYBODY who serves our country!!! time poe, please don't let me down-i have faith in you!!!


This makes me so angry! I have a brother fighting for our country filled with pathetic people like Timothy Poe. Don't come to NC cause you def arent't liked here!