Did Jada cheat on Will Smith with Marc Anthony. That's the rumor. Chime in on it now.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

Mrs. Smith is not crazy.... Will has more going for him then Mark Anthony. If JLo doesn't want him why would Jada? Jada stay strong in your faith and remember this too shall pass.


This is just a classic wake-up call for will and jada. We will self-destruct sometimes by putting ourselves in harms way and sometimes all the time things happen to get our attention. So now is the time to get it together by putting God first in our lives. Money and fame are about #10 on a true believer's list. By faith, there's no other way. Ask your grandmothers people; they are in place to help show us the way. Then there's bible study. It's key. Take a fool's advice. Destruction is the impending and only alternative. Bet it up.

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