A tabloid report claims Justin Bieber impregnated a 20-year old fan. Do you buy it?

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Bieber is a fag


I did not believe. that is so untrue...


Ewww...she's really really really...lie...lying! i did not believe.


Why can't she just leave me alone? LIke seriously i'm too young to have sex!


justin bieber i don,t think he did it to her she is trying to get justin bieber in trouble justin bieber is a very nice kid i think she is very very cazy and when they find out justin bieber did not do it and she can go to jail for along time for makeing lie up and trying to get justin bieber in trouble and justin bieber can make trouble for her i am on justin bieber side all the away


I feel that if Justin was a virgin and obviously has his pick of just about anyone he wants, he would want his first experience to be in a better place than a bathroom with someone he had never seen before. Also, I think he has a little more class than that. He should RUSH to get a DNA test and when its negative, sue her for defamation of character, not for money but for truth.


I pray for your success.remember me when you win and please just one text at my cel at+923328397727


Every one here have a girl friend or boy friend here .all doing sex before marriage.for the passage of time they nd she look very young .mean every fem wish to get a long treatment.mostly girls like those boys who will have to have ability four time play.girls dont like direct fucking;like sucking orgasma.kissing.throat s.between the legs tongue s .


Oh HELL NAW! this bitch is lieing. I swear why would Justin hook up with that thing?! Yes he's a teenager but seriously this girl need to back the fuck off and leav him alone!


Isnt that *Rape* poor JB and is it even possible to make a kid in 30seconds? haha prolly not!!! xD shes a lieing b****! haha thats not even his!.