A tabloid report claims Justin Bieber impregnated a 20-year old fan. Do you buy it?

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Mariah yeater is such a liar, im a bieber fan i love him so much, that i know him and i know he wouldnt do that to her, and anyways she just want to have attention and make up such story so she could be famous or either be in all the news with my love bieber and JUSTIN IS NOT GAY. and i give a fuck if that asshole of mariah is lying or not caue shes making this and all this us unnecessary but lets hope theres no evidence that justin make has to do w. something! i love you justin im your fan #1, and i hate mariah shes such a liar and a slut


Im not really a Justin Beiber fan , but i do like him a little... but i agree with some people that she is making it up for attention. And also i dont belive it .


Ok, Ok. I didnt mean to call myself a hoe on this message board but, you know how I roll. You left you bag of hair with me. I got it for safe keeping. Also, This Spiderman thong I found. Yours or Mine? Pick up the phone. I need to call you needle dick one more time.


Justin you know your lieing. Now, I have to put up with your gay baby. Thanks for peeing in me LOSER. Come to my trailer and give me 20 dollars. I need a carton of smokes and your son is all out of beer.


Wow!!!! Doesn't that Mariah girl even see how this situation looks?? HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MARIAH, YOU ARE FRICKIN 20 CLAIMING TO HAVE HAD SEX WITH A MINOR IN PUBLIC SPECIFICALLY Justin Bieber! Hope Mariah loses, because money is coming out of her pocket and that will just put her in a deeper hole. Honestly Justin, I think she is trying to get one over you. "Dog eat dog" is the phrase. She is only trying to bring you down to her level.


ON SECOND THOUGHT. We did have sex but I used my vagina and not my penis. All I did was pee in her. No way I got her pregnant.


Like how the hell can I get her pregnant? I have a VAGINA. Usher told me that theres no way two vaginas can meet and rub against eachother and 11 monthes later one of us pees out a baby. There is just no way im the father.


I dont believe Mariah Yeater's story of what happened between her and justin beiber. I dont even like the dude and yet i think he'e telling the truth. I especially dont believe her after watching her interview.


hell no i don't think this is justin bieber's baby ! if it is why hasn't selena left him yet i mean if my boyfriend never told me about him having sex with someone else and having a baby with her i would leave him to! and i think this girl is just a gold digger and is just trying to get money. but i think she is needs to calm down and leave justin bieber alone he has a girl that he loves and i don't want to see them break up because of some stupid rumor! plus everything justin does for people in need and for his fans then we all turn on him for something stupid thats not right give him a chance he is a good guy i don't think he would not pay child support and be there for his kid so obvis this isnt his child


I am not a Bieber fan, but even I think she is making it up for attention. I think she is hopeing for a string of people to feel sorry for her when the paternity test comes back negative and send her cash. Hope she sees legal action brought against her for this.