A tabloid report claims Justin Bieber impregnated a 20-year old fan. Do you buy it?

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(Lol my opinion is well long, dont have to read it but, oh well) Im no Justin Bieber fan. im just looking at this from outside the picture but personally, i think Mariah is lying about having sex with Bieber, and the only 'encounter' she had with him was probably meeting him in private...after that, she got pregnant with SOMEONE ELSE but decided the baby was Bieber's. Reason? Money, attention, etc. Then that brings up: 'why would she be lying if its going to cause so much drama'...maybe she was looking for drama, but didnt realise just how out of proportion this would get. Yes okay she was 19 at the time, but im 18 and i still dont think things through and things blow out of proportion for me. After that theres the 'why would Justin have sex with a 19 year old girl with yellow teeth etc'...erm, hes a guy? These things happen. Famous or not, hes still a human afterall... :S


heck no this is so wrong justin is way smarter than this bull crapp she is the biggiest lier everseiriously, only retard would agree


o.k im writting agina but just wan she she is another funcken gold digger i dont hate her but if she ever try to hurt jb im in front of him for all this shut


i relly dont belive this sh*t justin biber is way to nice and sweet to do that and for all we know she just mit want to be knocked up a super star so i relly dont think justin biber did and i just wan to say one more thing i miss the old justin biber please come back and be a goog boy agina we all miss u :)


not our problem lets not get into it its their situatation and there is noo need to send death threats. i am a bieber FAN!! but it doesnt mean that i am going to threaten her life! even though she is probably doing this for attention, everyone will do something where people will not believe you at all i believe that justin is telling the truth and lets just hope that this doesnt hurt his career. LOVE YOU JUSTIN!


Okay, so if he's so confident he agreed to take the paternity test, it's not his. But I can't help but feel like Mariah's gonna jinx this. I don't know how, but hey, somehow Casey Anthony got away, right? She can do whatever devious thing pops into her head. But this is all bull, sounds like she took some twelve-year-old girl's fan fiction and claimed it as her life story. You gotta feel bad for this delusional chick.


ok...i really do not believe justin would have --? with mariah she was 19 and he was 17 it makes no sense and anyways right now hes with the right girl and he likes and cares for her but i dont believe that any of this is true


I am not a JB fan, nor am I hater but looking at what information is given this could be a huge lie, or true. Though the possibility that yes, this baby is Justin's is VERY very small.
The way this woman has gone about this isn't good for anyone. If Justin isn't the father I hope she knows who is, my heart goes out to this woman. She obiviosly has an issue of some kind and I hope she gets help.
Justin I am sorry you have had to go through this as well. No one should have to have an issue that is so up in your face and everywhere you go. I think that the best way to deal with this would be to compleatly IGNORE what the media is doing to force this information on us. We aren't involved in this. This doesn't effect our lives. Enough is enough. Best luck to all who ARE involved.


Bieber's defense team chose the DNA lab- Hope they didn't influence the lab to produce results favorable to Bieber. Let the chips fall where they may.


I'm not a fan, but this rumor has caught my attention. I'm pretty sure she's making it up because of the stories of her....lies? I don't know but, it doesn't look like she's telling the truth. Just another gold digger. >_>