A tabloid report claims Justin Bieber impregnated a 20-year old fan. Do you buy it?

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this bitch should go f### herself and die because this is soo not cool does this bitch even know she could go to jail for this shit that is just plain fucked up in so many fuckin ways he should sue her ass i won't feel sorry for that slutty whore.


i do not think justin did this i mean he already has a gf and he has a bodyguard with him every where he goes . and out of all of the fabns in the world he chooses that one that doesn't even make sense. plus i saw the interview and every time he asked her about justin and the baby she either got up or started crying. plus she claims she has evidence but she claims she didn't bring it if you are trying to prove you are not a liar you are supposed to have evidence and i am not just saying this because i am a fan of justin bieber i am saying this because i bet you if justin wasn't famous this wouldn't be happening. and she probably chose him for all of this publicity and because he is the most famouse pop sensation in the world plus he was only 16 and she was like what 19 or 20


I do'nt Justin Bieber did this because well a secrity guard he was in his dressing room plus she problary just wants attion I mean i'm not a fan of him but saying Justin Bieber Knocked up someone for some atteion thats just damn low of her.She is bitch thats is white trash are like.


bebier stinks


Am i the only one here who thinks Justin Bieber is a worthless talentless douchebag?


jb is like any other guy with money and power! hes a horny lil fuck that knows he could have anyone due to his fame! i mean why would this girl claim hes the father of her baby when she knows if proven he aint the dad she could get jail...its too much of a risk for her to take..i know in her interviewz she seems like a liar put i think all this publicity she seriously likes it, not because shes a liar..


stars get laid at their own concerts all the time its nothing new i believe that he could have had a few flings with girls at his concerts its very possible. if the yeater girls claims winde up being true she could get charged with statetory rape cause she was over 18 and justin was still a minor and under the law he cant concent to sex. so she really opened herself up with that one. but i also heard that it wasnt the first time she has sued a guy for fathering her child. so that makes me think its mostly about her 15 mins of fame and nothing else and why didnt she say anything when she was pregnant. well maybe cause she was busy suing another guy for fathering the same child and when that one fell out she went to the next thing i think she could have picked a better well richer guy but whatever.




I dont believe her. Justin's got a good reputation unlike other trasg celebreties and I just cant believe that this is true or that if it was infact true, that he'd deny it. There's just no way.


Ok well everybody has their doubts for sure but...
what if he is the father... I hope his fans will stay true 'cause he'll need all the support he can get :/