It's a raging national debate. Do you believe in evolution?

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Don't forget, the world was once flat. Evoloution applies to science and it's theories as well.


Well considering there are also artifacts that have been found within rock clusters that are over 100 million years old..and even a human footprint fossil squishing a trilobite(which existed 100s of millions of years ago!) I think if you look into it enough you can find that the theory of evolution is both incomplete and inconsistant. Start looking for your facts instead of just taking whatever the powers that be teach you in THEIR schools, or as in this case through THEIR people... geezeee


I like how some of these comments talk about how we need proof of evolution and that it requires more faith to be an atheist. Both notions are nothing more than absurd. using fossil records we have been able to show the evolution of a wide number of species. It is hypocritical of a theist to argue for more proof when there is absolutely no proof of a deity. Being an atheist is having a lack of faith or belief in something that there is no evidence for. It is using rational thinking to understand why we are here or how we have gotten here.


Good grief!


I recommend the book "I don't have enough faith to be an atheist." it goes into depth on how minuscule the likelihood really is that our planet could have been put together by mistake without divine creation. There is such a small window where we can survive, if the earth were positioned a small distance either way, or if the axis was off a small degree, or of gravity were only a bit stronger, life could not exist on this planet. Hence it would require a GREATER amount of faith to believe in the Big Bang than to believe a loving spiritual father knew exactly what he was doing when he created the home for our earthly sojourn.


I would rather not infect my children with the audacious arrogance it must take to come to the "scientific" conclusion, without any empirical evidence mind you, that God, or an intelligence creator, simply doesn't (read "can't") exist. What we need from our future generations is to have science returned to what it truly is; the observation of EMPIRICAL evidence which supports a scientific theory, to form a scientific conclusion. Mr. Nye, like many others in the new science community, have long abandoned the true motives and methods of science. Fortunately, most people use common sense and can come to the understanding that the sciences and God work quite harmoniously when true scientific methodologies are employed and truly scientific motivations are at work.