Do you agree with The Voice Top 3?

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Amber was the best voice left. Now it is Danielle.
she gets all my votes and itunes downloads in the finals
make texas proud!


I enjoy listening to Amber. Wonderful voice, can' t wait to buy her music.


Oh yes....and by the way....Amber and Fireworks.....UGH!!!


The judges are to blame....they praised everyone and both Amber and Sasha were underwhelming. The Houston song was the kiss of death for Sasha.....she did not do it justice.....The Texas votes will all go to Danielle now that Amber is out.....I think America always gets it right....they vote....its their can they be wrong??

@ chipitasgirl

My Texas vote is going to Michelle Chamuel. By far the best performer in the competition.

@ Cerise

smiles, I only buy Michelle and vote for michelle

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