Did Stacy Francis deserve to get sent home on The X Factor?

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as a regular of this show, all of the judges need to grow up. as for astro, yes he should have been sent home. he is a very arrogant young kid who needs some attitud adjustments, his parent need to see that his actions should be rectified. simon and l.a act like two sniveling brats. GROW UP. nicole and paula act like two crying babies. STOP YOUR WHINNINg. it does seem to me that there is some predjudice on this show. there are some bad white singer and there are some bad black singers. but to vote off blacks every week or to say that the whites are better singers is a travesty. as far as i am concern ther are only a small few who can really sing anyway. josh;rachel;are the best there is, so i will vote for either one of them.


I honestly think that the attitudes of LA Reid and Astro both are very ugly. Oh, and not only their attitudes, their faces look ugly too. There are tons of good looking black people out there like Will Smith and Usher but LA and Astro are so painfully eyesore that every time I see them on tv I'm not entertained at all...


Astro should have been sent home after his childish and disrespectful behavior.
I have been rooting for him right from the start but after last week, he is at the bottom of the board for me, no matter what he does for the remainder of the competition.
He is very ARROGANT!!! -Ona


Astro does not deserve to go on in this competition. I ahve lost my repect for Simon nad LA. If by any chance, Astro winds= this competition, that will be the end of Simon and the X factor.No doubt about it. Rapping is not the only music style America likes. See teh results of AMerica Got Talent Eugene Murphy won because he could sing. NOt just rap like a brat.


Stacy Francis has a beautiful voice and should have won Lets wait and if Astro wins, then my hunch is right, the contest is rigged. How could it not be, Astro hasn't performed any material other than his own rap songs. In a the years I have watched American Idol and now XFactor, he is the only young performer who has acted like a spoiled punk. Vote him off.


Astro needs to go home he is a little punk! He doesn't sing he just spews a bunch of stupid words. Send him home why he still has a chance to grow up and get a grip on reality.


Astro..Needs to go bad..No respect.I will never vote for him again GO HOME astro..Did not deserve a second chance...


i feel the wrong decision was made did not like astro attitude and his come back at simon. im surprise at simon letting him stay and i happened to like astro but after last night he is not going to get my vote. that is now if he was to win this competiion i think is going to go to his head. simon next time think about it twice i think you mess up for once.


Astro, your childish, arrogant,and have an over inflated ego! To put you through to another level would be the biggest mistake X Factor could ever make. Sure enough your talented to a very small portion of people as that was clearly shown last night with you in the bottom two! Yes you have talent and will get a contract with someone, but, it shouldn't be with X Factor. Let someone who's grateful for the opportunity win the 5 mil. contract. You need to go out and work your tail off for your own money in the industry, maybe then you'll learn to respect what your being handed!!!


The sad thing about last night is that if Stacy had done a song (like a Tina Turner song, which would fit her voice quite well) that brough the house down, Astro would be gone. Instead she fell as flat as she has for the past two weeks.