Did the Grammys show Chris Brown too much love?

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Wow, what a great performance of all of the entertainer's!!! Chris Brown is a talented, young entertainer that still has much to offer. Don't we have enough negativity in the world as is? Would this still be a big issue if he was not in the public's eye? And who are we to judge someone else's life,like everyone has not done something wrong!! You learn & grow from your mistakes. And for those who wish to condem & have bad things to say about a person, why not take a look back at history's abuse to others in the world ( as it still goes on today).Good luck to Chris & Team Breezy!!!!!!


I agree no man or woman deserves to be hit by their lover,but we do not know what went on between them! She does not seem to hold a grudge,so why should anyone else who is not dating him?! I believe a person can learn from the past and change. Why shouldn't he be giving a second chance. Do you think if we black balled him from being a success he would not hit anymore women or be a worse abuser because he is no longer a star? What about ,Nicolas Cage,and Mel Gibson will you stop watching and buying thier movies will you tweet to producers and say I can't believe you put them in your movie? Why pick him out of the bunch?


I just wrote a long paragraph about your views above mine Arnetta and Deridre. But I changed my mind about wasting any of my time tryuing to show you what a piece of crap that man really is. But you know what you can't change the mind of an ignotant person.


He may be a talented signer and performer, but OJ Simpson was a talented football player and performer as well. Doesnt give either one of them the right to commit felon-crimes.


Sorry Chris, I do no forgive you. What kind of low life people would buy your music now? It just goes to show you how far our country has fallen. I guess the proper words are dumbed down. I predict that in maybe forty years the US will be no more......sad.....


Number 1 there is no reason why a man should ever lay a hand on a women and injure her.Number 2 there are hundreds of other stars that could have had a chance performing with out us having to watch Chris Brown for a second time in 1 night.


Sorry, but being abused (physically or verbally) in the home is not an EXCUSE for future behavior, ever. Brown should never have been asked to appear on the Grammys again, but that's holly-weird for ya. Maybe those artists offended by the gesture and him will wise up and not come next year, then their message will be as clear as the producers of the Grammys. :)


Did Rhianna have a problem with him performing twice or even just being there.... if not then shut the fuck up and even if she did we must remember she was willing 2 take him back.... do a song wit him and 4give him untill America had something 2 say about it. Leave him alone he paid the price 4 what he did and said he was sorry and if after all that she can still want 2b around him then there is more 2 this story that only they know so butt out and leave the man alone cause @ the end of the day when his music comes on u dance and party 2 it. Nobody wants 2 take the time 2 know what really happened ...ok he put his hands on her no excuses 4 a man 2 put his hands on a women and as a man he never blamed it on her or what she said or did 2 take him 2 that place ...lets not 4get the same place that he grewup with...abuse n the home


I'm not condoning Domestic Violence But dam we all make mistakes and we learn from them let him live. I'm sure the people who have a problem with him performing at the Grammy made mistakes they regret also, Dont judge