Tate Stevens is your X Factor champion. Was he the right choice?

X Factor Season 2 Finalists

Of all the performances that Carly Rose did on X Factor, the one with Lee Ann Rimes was the worst. Lee Ann really seemed to be trying to out sing her. It was Lee Ann that was "off" not Carly Rose. This young lady did not need to win X Factor...she will go far just with the exposure she has gotten from the show.


The embryo conception of "X Factor" was as i stated..where on earth was this quality at any stage reflected in this boring country singer..it totally asounds me that this penny a dozen singer won.Carly displayed and personified X Factor.

Richard marino

Tate Stevens was clearly the winner. Carly was ok, but she lacked the maturity and professionalism and actually started getting weaker at the end. She will do well as she matures and with the right mentor, she will go far.


Who chose Leeann Rimes to sing with Carly Rose? The others got more famous singers to sing with them.I hope that some big name will step up to the plate and help Carly to get her going.


Before LeAnn Rimes took the stage I knew already this pairing would be a mistake only because of all LeAnn's past problems. Then I felt she took away from Carly as if to prove a point to naysayers from her past and it failed. She ruined the performance for carly and I think carly knew it. Who choose leAnn Rimes anyway?

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