Skylar Laine did not make it to the final four on season 11. Did she deserve to be eliminated?

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I really never liked Skylar, to much nasal going on there. I'm more of a rock person but I think they were all good.


i was with skylar from day 1 there was no reason for her to be voted off,she was the only performer on the show now it is very boring to watch,i watched it this week on count of steven tyler but you will see the showa ratings go down,it has always been my fav up untill this year,an something just wasn,t right


When the judges saved Jessica you lost me and all my friends and relatives who watch the show! It wasn't the save it was the way it was done (all up on the stage hugging her).The message to all is she must win-very poor taste to do the stand up & console her on stage in front of the other contestants;that hd just performed their hearts !
I disagree with the above comments - think of selling out a concert in a large arena or stadium?
Only Phillip Phillips would draw that crowd........The 3 remaining would be a sell out performance on a Broadway Stage!!!!!!!
I have watched every season of Idol - but never again -after the way they saved Jessica!


Come on this is so rigged this year.....and it will be my last year.... They are trying so hard to make you think Josh is so great.....sorry not buying or hearing it.......Phil is the winner hands down and skyler you should not of gone yet......Get rid of the screamers Josh and Jessica!!!!!!!!!!!!Steven Tyler you are a sell out !!!!!!!


I personally think that the judges need one save apeice so that colton and skyler could still be on the show and so maybe American Idol shlould like more into that bc all the 6th grade at leon jh like skylar so now not as many ppl are go to watch the show so I just hope that skylar and colton tries out next year so that is all I got to say to American Idol LOVE LOUIS WILLIAMS


I agree with Ted Bundy (I hope that's not your real name) but the poll is bias. I believe that Phillip Phillips should have been eliminated. He has the same "voice" - he's very limited - and mumbles words when he's singing. Cross my fingers it will happen next week. Bye Skylar.


skylar should not be eliminated. hollie is!


I don't think Skylar should have been eliminated. I love the way she sings. I wanted her to win almost from the beginning of the competition. I feel she will go a long way with her voice.


Actually i was suprise that she was voted off and not hollie.


Skylar didn't deserve to get kicked off. It should of been Jessica Sanchez. I voted for those 2 hours for Skylar, as well as online. I've come to a conclusion, American Idol is rigged.