Sarah Silverman has Tweeter "Got a quickie aborsh in cas R v W gets overturned," along with these photos. Did she cross a line by doing so?

Sarah Silverman Twit Pics

I love Sarah Silverman! Hope she'll be on Letterman, Jay, ect. soon!!


A joke? Killing a baby is a joke? Good Lord .. yeah, right, bloody hilarious.


I laughed, it's funny, lighten up people we are allowed to have our own opinions. Don't like it, don't get one, end of story!


Lastly, many women come to regret their abortion. If you don't believe me, find someone, there are too many, and ask them.

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Sarah Silverman Quotes

Thank God for Jimmy, because all the things I don't like about myself are the things that he likes the most. Like my inner-thigh fat. He grabs it and he's like, 'I love this!'

Sarah Silverman [on boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel]

I don't think James is gay or straight. It's just that he literally can't open his eyes enough to see who he's f-cking.

Sarah Silverman