Did viewers make the right choice in voting Olate Dogs America's Got Talent champion?

America's Got Talent Winner
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Why does Olate Dogs lose ever vote except the one that counted...?


btw's you suck only having two selections sux because nither of them to me were the best the dogs are hard to train and kinda silly i would not pay to see that i'd pay to see other of the acts like a dance crew not a one man show i want a whole group not just a person because with more people its that much more difficult and more impressive 787 crew ftw


i personally think turf should have won and moved on hes a great dancer and had the best chance of wowing america i mean sand... really who cares about art or stories that's boring don't get me wrong the pictures were great but we know what hes going to do put his hands in sand and make a picture it doesn't get more obvious and the Scott brothers they had a chance but there dance for the semi finals wasn't impressive turf on the other hand wowed me i stood up clapping at my seat, i mean come on who wouldn't want to be able to do that to sum it up in my opinion turf had to be the best thing america's got talent had to offer and they left it in the hands of people who chose to pick a man that can just make art in a museum rather than a man that changes his life with dancing


WILLIAM CLOSE is the deserving winner,,we can see lots of comedians,lots of dogs trick but not the one in a billion talent like william has to offer,those dogs can not last an hour to entertain the people buying for tickets but william close can even last the whole night to play the music the fans want him to play,, what a wrong decision,,anyway we will see whos show sells the most in the longg run hahah we love u WILLIAM CLOSE AND UR COMPANY,,all of the finalist are great but WILLIAM CLOSE IS THE BEST IM SURE U WILL GOOO FAR AND BEYOND


i think Tom should have won, personally. I mean, dogs? c'mon..