Rumors are now swirling, so it's time to chime in: Did Miley Cyrus get a boob job?

Miley Cyrus Cleavage Shot
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she is a slut.thats all i have to say.


She did not get a boob job!! just because she is a celebrity does not mean its anyones business if she got a boob job or not, but truth is that she did NOT! See performance of her from gypsy heart tour and wonder world tour, you'll see its the same way. LOL.all clothes are designed differently and the kind of dress she is wearing by Roberto Cavalli, do make your boobs seems so pretty. JSYK, some girls do have perfect breasts. lol


Its called growing up and maturing. I went from an A cup to a C cup in 9 months, with no enhancement. Just growing up!


She's a celebrity, it she wants to get a boob job she can..its nobody's business what she does with her body


I dont think she did cuz when u wear certain things it will make your boobs look pretty big...I mean i hve shirt on rite now that makes my boobs look pretty big and cute