Rumors are now swirling, so it's time to chime in: Did Miley Cyrus get a boob job?

Miley Cyrus Cleavage Shot
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Unlike other celebrities Miley is not fake. She is just being herself. What about this photo It is just this kind of dress that make chest seem bigger. U r just jealous if u r discussing her chest. Should she hide it under shapeless dresses? No. She's beauriful & she shows it!


I liked you very liked your songs I like your style, commonly


Ae Miley vc pode ganhar essa vc sempre ganha tem que ganhar essa
Miley te amuh


I WOULD F U C K HER@@@@@@@


i just love her


stop bulling her


if u do not like miley then back off


i love her the way she is


There is no question that it is a boob job. But I give her credit for being pretty subtle about the size and shape, it looks pretty natural. But it definitely IS a boob job.


No, I seriously doubt she would go through all the pain and healing for such small implants. I agree with people who think she is just wearing a really good push up bra. Either way she looks great and she is old enough to get implants if she wants.