Did the country make the right choice when it voted Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. as the winner of America's Got Talent?

America's Got Talent Final 4
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He blew me away the first night, at 72 I am nit easily impressed. He is the best of 2011!


Before Landau had finished his FIRST performance I began making calls to let all my 'peeps' know that he (Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.) would be the winner for 2011. I did the same thing in 2010 with Michael Grimm. His 'story' was a small part. He has an incredible talent.
I can hardly wait to see him in Las Vegas!!!
CONGRATULATIONS LANDAU !!! I hope you get a chance to read your posts!


Indeed, America did make the right decision. Landau is deserving in all respect. What a great performer throughout the competition. Diva Patti is not too often outstaged, but in the end Landau blew her off stage. What a performance!


One needs to consider which act can hold an audience. While all 4 were good Landau is the only one I would pay to see because he can keep an audience's attention for 45 min to an hour,


great story, greater talent! I would by at ticket and his CD. Waiting for his CD to drop.


I think the show is pushing "story" behind the talent as much or more than the actual talent. I think the winners should be the best performer(s) - the back story should not be emphasized so much. Much more work and creativity in the other finalists than this one singer. He is GOOD, but they were more deserving of the PRIZE. I wish I believed the voting was real. They pick the same types every time.


That was a tough call but if you listened closely you heard that all of them will be picked by some company so true they didn't win AGT they are all champions !!!!!!


I feel that there are two many singers anymore I feel that AGT should start having more acts than singers. When I go to Las Vegas I go to see the shows like Blue Man. I feel that the other two groups were much better and I would pay to see a show and not a singer. Every year its alway a singer hey America enough with new singers lets see better shows.


team Iluminate was cool but they were not as smooth as last yrs fighting gravity..there were to many times when team iluminates lights were not working right. wasnt flawless


So glad he won what a voice!! I did like team illuminate too but I am sure someone will pick them up