Joshua Ledet tried, but could not make the American Idol final two. Did he deserve to go home?

American Idol Final 3
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Someone chose a last wrong song but still Joshua still delivered excellently.M.C always had negative to say,sarcastic.I dont understand American Idol,I respect all those who participated,wishing you all the best in your life.


i have been following erican dl sence it began nd felt that i will not watch the finall epdisode because it was so un fair for josh not to be picked for the finalls philp was a lousey singer and i didnt enjoy any of hisperformances they hould redo the votes and give him another cance.


What's with this 'I'll pick your song' Jimmy? From the onset, this guy was and is nothing but a sabbatour. I have watched him deliberately give contestants bad advice and argue with those who disagreed with his analysis or song selection(s). I don't think the brass at Idol should dictate what songs a contestant should sing in the first place, look at the results of doing so, apologies after the fact by Jimmy or whatever his name is. Send him on a fishing trip forever, because he definitely is a distraction and isn't needed.


Trunce you are 100% correct.


Joshua was by far the best. A Joshua and Jessica finally would have been awesome. No need for me to watch the finally now. Philip Phillips does not excite me one little bit with his singing style.


I do not believe that Joshua should have been eliminated. Idols is just a popularity Contest. I really hope someone gives Joshua the chance he deserves


Phillip was the best singer on "Got to get you into my life. Jessica has trouble enduring to the end and keep voice quality!!


Trunce, i disagree! I think i'm capable of voting. And i don't want those 3 judges with their biasness..determining it for me! i'd rather the teeny boppers!!


Joshua you are a winner and you have a huge fan base in SA. Everything works with a plan! We love you xx


Joshua should stay for the final, he is amazing singer in my view, I hope Joshua has a better future than what he can get from the American Idol.