Haley Reinhart was eliminated from American Idol prior to its finale. Did viewers make the proper choice?

Farewell, Haley Reinhart

Aren't there more than enough country hick singers in America already?? There's absolutely nothing wrong with Haley's attitude. She has a PERSONALITY which seemed to be lacking in other contestants. Go get 'em Haley .... U ROCK!!! :D


Since Wednesday when the arrogant JeLo said that Lauren was the winner of the third round even before Haley had performed, we knew that something was wrong there. JeLo never liked Haley, she always was very agressive with her, so I don;t belive about the results becuase they never show the voting, so I think it has been always arranged by the producers and they just let us belive that are our votes that count but that is only marketing, so as more votes they have more expensive they can sell ther add time and more money they make!
Of the 9 "Idols" only 2 have made it, and I am sure that Haley, just like Jennifer and Adam, will have a great success, she is already a great artist!!!


Obviously, none of you know anything about music. If you really think that Lauren or Scotty was more talented, you are just mental! Haley could do things that many amazing singer today can't. Now I'm not stating that Lauren and Scotty are bad, but of course the fans of Idol always seem to send home the best, over the popular, this isn't a singing contest it is a popularity contest, and the majority of people voting, have absolutely no idea what a great singer is! Oh well though Scotty or Lauren should have it, as for Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams, they were too amazing for idol anyone. Good job America hope they make songs better than Kesha's and Justin bieber.


LOL, at those mocking country music. Haley would hit one song out of 2 or 3 a night. She was no better. Her attitude towards judges and her fellow contestant's alike left something to be desired.


We all have an opinion. Scotty and Lauren worked just as hard as anyone else in the competition, and country or not, they are just as good! It's about time that country music is recognized for what it is -- great!!!


Lauren Alaina should have gone home weeks ago. I will not be watching Hee Haw Idol.


I would not be interested in a show called American Country Idol, so I won't be watching the final.

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