Did Erika Van Pelt deserve to go home on American Idol?

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i think it was bullshit that erica was sent home... hejun was not even in the same league as erica.. i agree. a i is becoming a popularity contest..i thought it was a talent contest.....


american idol serves as a platform for anybody who have singing ability and those who tried their very best to show their talent (the contestants).they are not there for public office that the whole nation are the one who is going to choose through voting. it should be the responsibility of both ( the judges and the voting public )to choose the winner so people would truly agree and see a new real talent...its obvious that from this batch, only Jessica Sanchez shines the most, with that voice alone,its clear she's a real talent that anybody would love and long to hear and watch her singing.


I thought this was suppose to be a singing contest to showcase real talent!!!! What a hoax!!!! It has become such a popularity contest! If you have a good story, are from a minority group and have a personality; you go far even if you can't sing. Such a shame! And I agree, these judges are soft.....and do not give out enough contructive critisim.


i like Deandre and Hejun..others must too! It was the makeover that killed her!


I cannot see how the people voted out Erika. This show is not allowing the people to be more opinionated because of the comments that Jimmy gives all the time. They need to change it around alittle so it could get more interesting. I will try to find something else to watch at the same time that it airs.


I only watch this crap because there's nothing else on. it lost its edge when simon left. The judges are too soft on the contestants. Thats only because none of them are great singers themselves. I dont understand why this show hires judges who cant sing thesmselves, but feel that they are qualified to jusge singers better than themselves. Also intersting is the fact that the best singers never win. So the winners hardly sell records when they win, only the runner-ups.


WHO CARES! People are still watching this dog?? Why would you want to watch the witch and the pedophile when you can watch The Voice?


It stinks that sometimes this is a popularity contest, instead of a Talent show. Erika did NOT deserve to go home. I hope someone that watched the show will give her a chance to do something in the music business. It is not always the "Winner" that moves on, but the best singers!


american idol is a bunch of bullshit this girl should not have beem the one to go home i will never watch this show ever again


It's clear that American Idol Voters Don't have Talent when it comes to selecting someone with a great voice it is truly a popularity contest. I think the judges were afraid that "you know who" would be around again next week then what would they do.