Did Emily Maynard make the right choice sending Sean Lowe home?

Sean Lowe and Emily Maynard
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Emily needs to dump both the final guys and go back to Sean. He is the ONLY right guy. So what he didn't tell her for weeks that he 'loved' her - thats not a word to be thrown around lightly just to 'get the girl'!


I'm hoping the shocker for the season, is Emily realizes she made a mistake by leaving Sean go to soon. She will dump both Jeff, because he's to naive and seems like a schoolboy and definately not ready to become a father figure and by the way jeff, loose the puffy hairdo. As for Arie, he's ok, but not my 1st or 2nd choice.


I hope Emily reads this! And the men who "say" they love her. She's a money hungry, egotistical fame whore. Sorry. She loves ALL the attention the last 5-6 men were giving her... she told them ALL the same thing. Maybe she would of been better off with Kalon! Sean is WAY to good for her (love him) Arie is just a F*** buddy... and Jeff is this sweet next door kinda guy. Rumor has it one of the 2 dumped her on the finale. Lol! That would be great! I loved Trista & Ashley!! They were the BEST bachelorettes!!!!


Arie is a little on the sleaze side; not bad boy-just sleaze. I mean really; he gets up at 9:00am or after and he is ready for family? Doubtful.
Jeff acts a little younger than I would expect emily to be attracted to. I see her with someone more classy.
Perhaps she should not have let Sean go.


I think Emily should have not sent Sean home. She made a huge mistake. He is perfect.. I would take you Sean!!


I think that she should end up with Arie...however, those spoilers say she ends up with Jef, and the person who spilt them says he's 100% sure...but for a while now, Reality Steve has been wrong...he says he 100% sure, but he was also 100% that Brad was going to pick Chantel, and 100% that Ali was going to end up with nobody. But he correct sometimes too, like Ashley and Bens seasons....so I guess we can't really be sure that the spoilers are wrong or right!! Arie is the right choice for her...Jef looks like he's 15 years old.


She made a HUGE mistake sending Sean home! He was awesome! It was good to see him not falling over himself telling her immediately he was in love with her. Slower moving until he was sure! What a mistake she's made with the other two!


Another correction ... Emily made a mistake sending Sean home. It's been a long week.


Oops. Correction to my response below. I was going to vote: YES. Emily made a mistake sending Sean home.


Whoever put together the poll above needs to go back to school: The question was "Did Emily Maynard make the right choice sending Sean Lowe home?: I was going to vote: No. Emily made a mistake sending Sean home.
Instead, it says "No, he's great but it was his time." And the options are "Yes ..." Every option is a vote to say that Sean should have gone home. Does the poll by Hollywood Gossip reveal a not so hidden agenda or just plain stupidity?