Elle Macpherson referred to Howard Stern as "absolutely Jewish" during an argument on his radio show. Did she go too far?

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On a daily basis Howard Stern does an impression of his Jewish mother whining about his poor childhood and highlighting the Jewish guilt that she instilled in him as a child , but when a Goyim states the mans obvious insecurities she's an anti-semite?
Elle is a very smart woman who turned the tables on a well know misogynist and now his PR team is looking for some payback.
How about writing a story about Howard Stern duping his first wife who was Jewish and his three kids for an Aryan bubbled headed blue-eyed blonde with an IQ of a mosquito.

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Elle Macpherson makes us think of an old, corny joke: If we told her she had a nice body, would she hold it against us? More »
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