Elise Testone did not make it to the final five on American Idol. Did she deserve to get the boot when she did?

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I meant to write brilliant please excuse te typo.


THe judges are all for Joshua and this is totalling unfair of them
They always give him a standing O and very not nice. Makes the other singers feel inadequate......not nice of them. JLO talks too much!!!!!!!!!!!


I for sure think it should have been Hollie!!! I love Elise...she is just AMAZING!!! I love her voice and I would pay good money to see her in concert....hopefully I will get that chance one day


hollie should have been eliminated elise is far more talented she should have been in the top 3 Im tired of the obvious of the judges pushing their favorite Joshua.


You seem to have left off the vote choice of: "Yes, she was horrible" in your list above. Or, "Yes, but she should have been kicked off weeks ago" Elise has a crappy, raspy voice, but her attitude is just the worst. Glad to see her go.


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