Did Dr. Conrad Murray receive the right punishment?

Murray Trial

The judge is a bad judge, he did it for Michael Jackson's family and he knew it right in the beginin.


Conrad Murray was a quack... as far as being a doctor is concerned. Money & his girlfriends (even tho he was still married) was more important to him, instead of the proper care of his patient.He caused M.J. death, plain & simple. he was tried & convicted. he should of gotten a lot more time in jail than he did. plus, NEVER ever again, be able to practice medicine anywhere.


I think he's innocent and even if he was in the room with Micheal Jackson things probably would've been the same. There's other doctor's involved that gave him medicine before Micheal hired Dr. Conrad Murray. The court should be looking at them also.


Dr Murray is innocent. Micheal Jackson was an addict. If character of deceased plays a part, Dr Murray must be free. You are just taking a sheep to slaughter.


I think he deserves a life sentence! He killed the King of Pop, people! NO ONE should get 4 years for killing a celbrity as big as Michael Jackson!

Brian pfeiffer

Null...are you kidding me? I'm Canadian !!! We have dope dealing murderers doing 3 years or less because they are "under eighteen" give me a break...Canadian prisons are holiday resorts, steak on friday, big screen TV, games rooms, and Dr. Murray, just due to the fact he went to medical school propably meant well, but got caught up in the "Michael Jackson" world, because the Judge gave the max, most max sentences are very easily appealed, and he'll likely end up doing a year at most.

@ ofb

I agree about what you said. He should have no right to practice medecine anymore forever ..I really wonder about his capacity to be a REAL Dr. ...him to have a license is a real fat joke! He should get lost.
He should've get at least 25 years or life sentence ...wake up California ...enforce the law what's going on ?????? R.I. P. sweet Michael xoxoxoxox

Ginger ruybalid buss

Conrad Murray was more interested in collecting his big salary than what was in the best interest of Michael Jackson. Regardless of what went on in Michael Jackson's life and his eccentricies, he still deserved the best medical care that he could receive. Conrad Murray should no longer be reffered to as a doctor but a money hungry man with little regard for human life. The comment was made that MJ's children have made more from their father's death. Money will never replace the father that they lost. Murray should lose his license to ever practice medicine again.


Up here in Canada, he would have gotten much worse, probably 25 to life. He would not have gotten off because of over crowding.
The system and the penalty is nothing but a joke


Micheal Jackson was a drug addict!!!! A child molestor!!!!! He should of been in prison and he stayed 'messed up' because he was guilty as sin!!!! FREE DR. MURRAY!!!!

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