Did Desiree Hartsock make the right choice?

Desiree Hartsock Engaged!

Heart break allows one to learn what they do not want in a relationship. Brooks was a noncommital and ego driven man who was not into Desiree. The only reason he kept his game going was to travel as he never had any long term interest in Desiree....it's just too bad she couldn't see it.....She wasted too much time on a man that was just a shell of a man....without feeling and without love...


Desiree made the right choice. Brooks just made her see what and who was really the right one. I was afraid Brooks was going to come back and ruin the whole thing for Chris by lying his way back in. I am so glad that did not happen, because he was not in love with her, and it would not have worked. Things happen for a reason and Desiree could see that Chris was the one that she really loved, and he will make her a wonderful life mate!!! Good Luck Desiree and Chris!!!!

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