Did DeAndre Brackensick deserve to get voted off American Idol?

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You and I at least both like Deandre. He should win in my ooiinpn. He has high quality tone of voice and he knows how to milk a song and he knows where to put all the dynamics. He has natural charisma and magic in his voice and he doesn't overdo a song. It's all about the magic you put in a song. That's why ppl loved Whitney Houston. You gotta know how to milk a song and it's not really something that can be easily learned. Deandre has the voice skills necessary to slay any song.


deandre brankensick and jessica sanchez are the best holly should have went before d b. i would buy his music right now.


DeAndre was good but, I think Elise deserved to stay, not DeAndre. Now that I think about it, they both should not have been in the bottom 2. I agree with mew. Sothern girl deserved to leave. It would also be good if her *boyfriend* left


he should have stayed american goofed


I THOUGHT Deandre was the greastest,it was to soon for him to be voted off!! Everyone this year is just so sensational talents,it's very difficult for the judges, but, I agree with J Lo he should have been saved. I hope the gun toting southern girl who loves her rifle gets the boot!!! She does not imprss me at all.


j lo needs to work on her morals the video i seen last is noughting more then an advertisement for sex. n yet here she is telling those kid,s how to sing ? what,s up with that n randy dog, i never heard of that man ? steven is the best he don,t make the kid,s feel as bad as the other,s do,