Did David Arquette deserve the boot from DWTS?

David Arquette and Kym Johnson Dancing
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I hope this gets back to the dwts judges because their scoring has been sooo bad. Have they been bought or something? Grace should have been gone way before some of the others. The woman just cannot move at any real speed at all.


I never knew about David Arquette before I saw him on Dancing with the Stars. I thought he was a very good dancer, and I don't think he should have gone eliinated. He is so much a better dancer then Nancy Grace. and Hope. David also has a very wonderful personality. I don't run the show, but I don't think they should have gotten points for the team dance. The show won't be the same without his wonderful sense of humor. David now has another fan since he did Dancing With The Stars.


omg this is crazy nancy by far should of been sent home then hope even though i really like her david deserved to be there id like to know who voted and where their brain is


Even if I like Nancy Grace she should have been the one who got voted off because she can not dance. She doesn't have the moves. Sorry for David. Bum deal.


Isn't it odd how everyone who posted their comments earlier, and last nite on another poll, were all in agreement that Nancy Grace can NOT dance. One of her dances was pretty good, because she actually showed a little poise and light moves. Ever since then she has been flat-footed, clumsy, full of bad moves. She said she has lost about 23 lbs. when they were talking to Ricky Lake about her obvious weight loss. It looks to me that Grace has gained weight! She has anything but grace...ugh... her partner must go home every night shaking his head, not believing she is still there.


I belive it was wrong for them to vote david off. I was so very shocked to hear that and see that. Hope wasn't doing any better, she kept making mistakes, and her partner, the way he told off len the judge, he should have been fired for that. And as for nancy, i don't know about her. But it was wrong for david to be off, he was doing great. Bad for the judges. I don't like len anyway, cause he is so mean. And so is carrie ann.


It's really sad that America doesn't know the difference between good dancing and terrible dancing. Nancy Grace should have been eliminated last week.


This was yet again another wrong elimination result. I have never seen anything, hardly a smile even, that Rob has given to the show. Nancy has a huge fan base and that is getting her through each week. David was a breath of fresh air, heartfelt and funny and improving too! I really thought that Maks and his poor attitude would get Hope kicked off the show this week. I am on her side, and wish she would or could just kick him to the side and move on with that other dancer that showed her the ropes this week while Maks was nursing his toe and his gigantic ego! I just love David and miss Carson too!


should of been Nancy Grace.She lost me right from the begining when she didnt care that the other person went home and it wasnt her they all hugged but her she just stood there and was happy it wasnt her.


What a rip off! David give personality to the floor. Nancy grace is a cow! should have been dressed as one! It's like so many with there screwy fans voting for them and not the ones with talent. Make it a talent show - not a fan club!