After a singer on The Voice covered an Adam Lambert track, Adam Levine seemed to take a jab at the original artist. Do you think this was his intention?

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Adam Levine is the singer from Maroon 5.


I know who both Adams are, I've heard both sing, A. Levine is ok but doesn't come close to comparing to Adam Lambert's voice, nowhere even close, I've been to Adam Lambert in concert and He has fantastic vocals, as for Adam levine, I would't waste my money on tickets. Everyone has there own opinion and this is mine, and many others. Anyone who thinks Adam Levine has a better voice needs their hearing checked.


who is adam lavigne i dont know him i never heard his name


Who Is Adam Levine? Never heard of him before I started watching The Voice! How, IF you have never heard a song sung before tell someone that they sang it better than someone else? Adam Lambert has an amazing voice and vocal range. He has done better for himself than the WINNER of American Idol, Chris, what's his name


Um, a bit can you be pretty sure it sounded better if you HADN'T heard the original, which BTW, was @TOP 20 for weeks and Adams name, etc. has been all over the music inudstry, twice in the cover of RS, and he was up for several awards??? Curiouser and curiouser. Last thought, I have heard originals of some of the songs Adam performed on Idol and in concert (eg. Feelin' Good, Ring of Fire [love JC, too], & especially Mad World) and MY opinion is that he DOES a uniquely different and sometimes better version of a song. But I HAVE heard the originals...


are you serious hes the lead singer of maroon 5 and for those who dont kno are freaking crazy hes amazinf go check some songs out on youtube !!! lmao!


Yes, who is Adam Levine? I have never heard of him until now!


Who is Adam Levine?