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All i'm saying is pedofiles are never going away and 99% of them are innocent people just like you and I. Of course you have your crazy sickos that would force a young girl to do something she doesn't want and that I DO NOT like or approve of. But the sickos were there before dance moms and they'll be there after dance moms. These girls are so young they don't have any breasts they don't have any curves. There's really nothing to see.. so what is society so worried about they're just little kids they wanna have fun dancing and trying different dances. If you think it's bad to have kids legs and stomachs showing then maybe we should close down every public pool in America cause you can see the same thing and any local public swimming pool and once again no one says the pedofiles will get them. Admiring Youth and cute little girls is natural. Lets not mistake admires of young and beauty for criminals.


Pedophiles have been around for thousands of years I love how there's all this talk the past 10 years about watching your kids or the pedophiles will get them. When I was a kid in the 80's things were alot more free feeling back then. Kids would play and run down the street in they're underwear, sometimes barefoot, usually with mud all over our bodys. No one said "hey the pedofiles will get them". Heck I didn't even know what a pedofile was until I was in my 20's when those corny dateline NBC show "To catch a preditor" started appearing on Television. Showing guys some in their late teens and early 20's going to meet teen girls 15-16 years old. I mean jeez who cares the legal age for sex in some states is 16. The legal age in many country around the world is 16,15,14 and even 13 spain.


Unbelievable! I walked in on the news clip on tv and thought it was adults at first...then felt sick when I realized its kids! What is WRONG with these mothers and show producers! No wonder the world is full of sick individuals who prey on kids for sex. I am just shocked and angry at people who view this as entertainment.


I think, as a society, we've done two very misguided things. one; we made sex a tabboo, we don't talk about it to kids, we hush it all up like it's dirty. HOWEVER, two; we have let this tabboo attitude to sex dominate our lifestyles, we have openly provocative songs, adverts, movies that encourage young girls (and boys)to grow up before their time and before they understand what they're doing. kids are making jokes about sex and singing along to songs like Rihanna S & M before they actually know the ... ahem... ins and outs of sex.
I think this programme sounds awful, but maybe it's just the next stage up from the rest of society. 500 years ago, there wasn't really a notion of childhood. Children were brought up to be grownups. Maybe this is happening again? Perhaps it is a natural progression of society, history repeating itself and all that? i'm not saying i necessary think this but still... food for thought, hmmm?


That was a pedophiles wet dream. My god, how is this legal???? These moms should have their kids taken a way.