Conrad Murray verdict: Did the jury get it right?

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Did Dr. Conrad Murray receive the right punishment?

Did Dr. Conrad Murray receive the right punishment?

Dr. Conrad Murray is ...

Dr. Conrad Murray is ... guilty? Not guilty? You decide.

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I believe people enter the medical profession with the object of saving lives. All of us are human and make mistakes and poor decisions at one time or another, regardless of profession. Michael Jackson obviously had many psychological problems and was an eccentric individual. I think it's a tragedy that Conrad Murray beame the scapegoat for Jackson's death and, as a result, his own career and life is ruined. I had much empathy and respect for the way Dr. Murray handled himself during his trial, maintaining a sense of dignity throughout. My prayers are with him.


while i admit dr. conrad murray made some mistakes, i also believe
michael jackson was also at fault for his drug addiction which may
have played an even bigger role in his death. so to sum it up,
without michael jackson's drug addiction, dr. conrad murray's
mistakes would then have only caused minimal harm and michael jackson thus would have survived and eventually made a full
recovery, thus making dr. conrad murray's conviction much too
harsh and excessive.


Vivian, Lori and Z must all share a common brain and each one of them tries to be polite and let the other one use it while they type their comments. Now listen you 3 stooges, Conrad was on trial for a crime which he clearly committed.Its not some whitey plot Z. Lori a doc is suppose to say no, its his job! Vivian,you didn't pay attention to the trial at all! Conrad is the reason MJ had the medicine in the 1st place. We know you 3 are jealous of MJ but its a trial not a soap opera, grow up!


I think MJ knew what he was doing and he was on drugs like ELVIS to go to sleep and wake him up and the more he was on the drugs the more he wanted. I think he gave himself more just like he asked his nurse to do. I think the verdict was wrong because MJ should have not been taking the drug at all. He knew what could have happenned. I also think the Doctor should have not gave him the sleeping drug and stopped it. The Jackson family knew something was wrong with MJ because he was losing so much weigh and looking frail. Shame on them also. If it was not who he was the verdict might have been different.


Shame on you Michael for taking a great Dr and forcing him into doing what YOU ordered him to do.


The verdict was rigged. The white leaders of L.A. were afraid that the blacks would riot.
Poor Dr. Murray should be given a medal for ridding the world of the pedophile!


I'm a huge MJ fan and before watching Dateline not too long along, I wanted to give Dr. Murray the benefit of the doubt but after seeing all the evidence pointed to him and listening to the witnesses, paramedics, doctors, etc. I just knew then and there he had done it. I'm glad its over now MJ can really rest in peace and his family has closure.


Glad that this is over.Now the Jackson family can be at peace!!!!