Chris Soules as The Bachelor: Good choice?

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I think Chris is a great guy. and he is what I'm looking for. But I don't want every one to get upset because he's much older than me. and I'm 25 years old. I wish that I could see him in person and tell him how I feel, but every one knows who I am. And I want to become really good friends with Chris. This is a young girls point of view in adult hood. I wish that I could get on there and talk to him and ask him if he wants to be really good friends for now, and then he can swept me off my feet. If I was the last girl standing. I would give Chris all the love in the world if he was with me. This is Jaimie Habegger from Portland, Indiana. as sweet as Chris is I don't want him to get his heart broken over a bunch of girls on the bachelor. I hope Chris is careful on choosing the right girl for him. Chris Soules if you ever met me before, because I know that you haven't yet. but I wish that I was on your show speaking to you and finding my true love. Because you are a really nice, wonderful, outstanding man anyone who will ever meet you. Is going to find happiness with you. I wish that you would ask me to come on your show, and I will be supportive to you. if we were on a date because I'm still single, and a little shy. but we have to get to know each other better and know the greatest things in life is that we have each other.


I think a lot of female contestants will leave the show, not want to move to Iowa.


Love this Bachelor!!! I just started watching the past few seasons and rarely stick it through to the end but this farmer from Iowa made me stay tuned, in hopes that Andi would definitely do the right thing. I am definitely a more mature woman but any girl can see that this guy is "the one." I hope he finds someone that is worthy of such a wonderful person (love his family too, a good sign). I will definitely be watching next season to see what lucky woman ends up with "Famer Christ." "Did I say how gorgeous this man is, whew!!!" Very excited about it. OBTW, I never thought Juan Pablo would be a good bachelor so check with me next time and you will stay on track.

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