Chris Brown and Rihanna back together: What's your take?

Chris Brown and Rihanna Back Together
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Will Chris Brown be back in jail ever?

Will Chris Brown be back in jail ever, following his June 2014 release?

Do you feel sorry for Chris Brown?

Do you feel sorry for Chris Brown, getting harassed in jail?

Is Chris Brown akin to Jesus?

R. Kelly says Chris Brown reminds him a bit of Jesus. Do you agree?

Chris Brown: Is he a changed man after rehab?

Chris Brown: A changed man after rehab? Vote in our survey!

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rihanna nd chris are made for each other,u guyz perfectly for each other.i wish u oll d best n i hope best n hv a happily family after lv u guyz


Chris and Rihanna is a beautiful couple together. Tell all your haters, go straight to hell. I am so happy for you two. Always look to the Lord and you will do well. Stay blessed.


hey chris and rihhana u guys are perfect for each other fuck what people says u guys were born for each other its u guys life not peoples like so fuck them u guys just live your lives to the fullest I wish u guys the u rihhana and chris <3


Robyn is a very beautiful young woman. Lets hope that Chris doesn't beat the pretty out of her!" Just sayin. "