It's on between Miley Cyrus and Sinead O'Connor. Choose a side now in this feud.

  • Miley Cyrus on Sin City Stage
  • Sinead O'Connor in the UK
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"That's not at all what O'Connor said, of course, but the nuances of her music industry critique appears to have gone over Miley's head." Sinead is trying to help Miley. Miley would be smart to watch the lives of other celebrities, past and present, to see what worked for them and what hurt them miserably. Instead, she's entrenched herself in her own little fantasy world and has shut everyone out. I feel sorry for her, because like Michael Jackson, I feel her life will fail altogether or will end young, neither of which will bring her the happiness everyone deserves.


O'Conner should've kept her opinions to herself. She started this and I hope Miley stops her.

@ Mike

Really? She's trying to help the scank out. Miley will be in rehab in less than 2yrs. She did it in a polite way too. Liam left because she's a ghetto boy that a thug wouldn't touch. Worst OF ALL IS HER DAD WENT YEARS PROTECTING VIEWERS FROM WITNESSING masterbation on public tv. Hypocritical u think? No good man would have her

@ lynn

That's not how you spell scank its s-k-a-n-k skank

@ Doglover

Bitch please i was just kidding so don't even you 💩shit 👩face open your 👀eyes I was just kidding its not like I'm 🚬 Smoking pot like Justin bieber this was for you @Right

@ Doglover

YOU would know... lol