Vanessa Williams believes Toddlers & Tiaras is a bad influence. One of the show's stars doesn't appreciate that viewpoint. Choose a side now!

Vanessa Willams Image

Ms. Williams did some ill-advised, silly stuff in her youth. Me too.
I have to completely agree with her on this whole prosti-tot issue.
A 5 year baby "popping her booty" is well beyond anything that has to do with a pretty child.


I have always like Vanessa Williams, and even when she won the *Miss America* pageant. I thought she should of KEPT the CROWN and all that went with it. All models will do all sorts of photography before striking it big. Hers wasn't any different. I think too that she was GANGBUSTED because she is DARK skinned. I didn't say BLACK cuz there are too many RACISTS out there. Her VOICE is one that I would WISH that would make some more MUSIC. Crystal clear!!

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