Alexis Bellino might sude Tamra Barney for defamation because the latter has referred to the former as a "faux Christian." Choose a side in this battle!

On Team Alexis Bellino
Pic of Tamra Barney

I forgot did you hear about the ex employee of Nordstroms that backed up Tamra about how Alexis treats them? It gives Tamra a lot of credibility.


I think a lot of what Tamra says is true but the way she says it turns people off. Tamra needs to learn how to speak in a manner which allows people to hear her message instead of its vulgar delivery.
I feel sorry for Alexis. She thinks she has to be something shes not to be accepted. I don't think she is a evil person but it would be hard to deal with her all the time.


I am definely a Tamra fan...However, with Alexis on the show does keep it intresting! Not that I am giving Alexis any kind of kudo's.
She is really faux and Tamra has the guts to say like it is!


Team Tamara all the Way!!!

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