And the Winner is?

This is a tough one. But would you rather do Cheryl Cole or Nicole Scherzinger?


Nicole wins every time in every way. Nicole can sing, Cheryl cannot and has no personality. Simon Cowell made Cheryl famous on X Factor because he fancies her. Hence when she was fired her career went downhill. Now it's time to revive her flagging career so she is back on X Factor to sell her next album.


It's apparent you people believe only men vote in these pols.If you're going to ask "who would you do?" put a "neither" button up there.


I Love Nicole Scherzinger

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Cheryl Cole Biography

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In 2009 AND 2010, Cheryl Cole was voted the Sexiest Woman in the World by FHM. That's very lofty praise. Cole is is a British singer and... More »
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Cheryl Ann Tweedy