She's out of jail and in rehab now, but will she really get it together? Can Lindsay Lohan stay clean?

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know that i think about it her dad is in rehab really this is his fault for setting a good example lik really do u agree if u do then repeat my comment kk bye


i feel lik lindsay is kinda of changing a little but i feel lik everyone needs to stop putting her down and modivate her to better cuz lik a judge telling her lindsay rehab this and jail that instead she needs to tell lindsay how about character counsiling and stuff lik that cuz i really used to love lindsay but now i lik her a lil but i think plain out no sugar coats she fuccd up her life lik really shes famous why would u even think about anything when u got money lik com on really but anyway keep yo head up lindsay its ok i still love ur movies
love keanna knott


its hard to be young and make changes.. but at least she's trying... but she had a hard life too...


yeah i agree she should make a difference in her life... but feel sorry for her... all she's been through...

@ Tanya

Sorry, I can't agree. No one needs to help her but herself. Helping herself to more theft, more drugs, more party. Until she's serious about helping herself she won't. She'll just keep letting people bail (enable) her
out.The girl has no remorse.


I miss the little Lindsey Lohan, from the movie Parent Trap and Mean Girls. Two of my favorite movies.


I miss the little Lindsey Lohan, from the movie Parent Trap and Mean Girl. Two of my favorite movies.


Who loves Lindsey Lohan its so sad to just look at what she has become she looks 50 sad