Barack Obama or Mitt Romney: Who should be president?

Obama vs. Romney
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Obama is a PRVEN disaster. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama. The country is in the shitter. Want more of that? Then vote for the socialist who wants everyone to be on food stamps. I don't give a shit if Romney is rich. Good for him. No one is voting for a poor man. Vote for the one who knows what this oucntry needs and it certainly ins't Obamalamadingdong. Christ, is this even worth discussing?! Romeny/Ryan


Okay my deal is this, someone has to president, it may not be who we want, but they are both rich. My husband is a veteran of the United States Navy, for which he served for 25 yrs, he has served in the conflicts of the Lebannon, Beruit affair, Grenada conflict, and the Gulf War. When he joined in 1979 he was promised his family will be cared for in terms of health care, thats why he signed because, he was dirt poor with no prospects. Well he has paid his dues and has taken a second job with health benefits because the USN failed him, so now after all this, we have Obamacare were we have to pay for people who do not care to work in this country, yes we have poor, sick people who cant work, but what about people who can work, but do not want to work? we are paying for these people thru Obamacare, guess who we are choosing?


I like this poll...chose a shit-sandwich, any shit-sandwich and tell my how good it tastes. The lesser of two evils is still evil. Ron Paul or none at all...


I don't want to choose Mr. FLIP FLOP or Mr. EMPTY TALK.
I am voting for Ron Paul.


I am a Progressive too. Everyone take cover if R&R are elected. First thing on their plate, wage war on Iran, repeal "Obamacare" and repeal Roe v. Wade. Those aren't interests I can opt for.


WHERE IS THE VOTE FOR RON PAUL?? Mitt the twit is a ghost of Obummer.


Unless you are on welfare, there is no way anyone with a brain would vote for Obama again.


No, the question is how the hell can you people vote for Obama/Biden. Are you better off than you were 5 years ago? Really? Obama is the enemy within and he is trying to destroy our country one day at a time. That is the only job he is good at-spewing hatred and causing discord among americans, so we start destroying each other-exactly what he wants. You need to wake up-i don't know anyone that is better off now than they were 5 years ago.


Funny that the link to this poll was from an article about Tom Morello yet I doubt Tom will be voting for either of these clowns. I would vote in this poll, but who I will be voting for is not one of these options. If you want people's true opinions, you must give them all the options.


Hollywood loves pogoing on obumma....are you people really better off than you were 4 years ago...really? Who is Gary Johnson? Scary thing is that you think obama is a good president.