Barack Obama or Mitt Romney: Who should be president?

Obama vs. Romney
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Tell me ONE good thing that Obama has done for our country and I would MAYBE think about voting for him,(DOUBTFULLY) JUST ONE. NOBODY can because he has done nothing other than destroying the country.


Tell me ONE THING that Obama has done for our country and MAYBE I will vote for him. ONE GOOD THING HE HAS DONE....THERE ARE NONE


If any of you Romney/Ryan fans lived in Boston,you would really know that Romney would only serve as "Flavor of the month" President. He has no plan,is more wealthy than God,excepted the Governor's position in Massachusetts then left for the Olympics.
Absolutely USELESS!!!!!!!!


You do realize there is a third party candidate running for president, don't you? Or do you not get out of Hollywood much?


I won't be voting this year. Both parties are a joke. Sad....


Where do you get "repeal Roe V Wade"? I've never heard that. Abortion is such a side issue. If the economy doesn't get back on track, we are all doomed. Obama is a closet socialist, and wants everyone on food stamps and govt dole.


In a recent study, the happiest countries in the world were all found to be social democracies. The rest of the world has varying degrees of a wealthy elite that is unwilling to share in their riches. The fact that the social democracies are able to "cherry pick" the best parts of all government forms, is to the betterment of their societies and their people as a whole. I think we can all agree that greed has played a big part in the world's economic woes over the past five years (and beyond), and a greedy few have a choke hold on America today. I look forward to their ever shrinking sphere of influence.


National debit--SOLUTION --== get Romneys taxes and tax rich Unemployment--SOLUTION--==tax the Rich, get Romneys taxes Health Care --solution ==Trust me Iknow whats best for you ECONOMY CRISIS--SOLUTION== get romneys taxes , oh and yes tax the rich Folks dont have health insurance--SOLUTION== HAVE Democrats and Republicans pay for it Ineed more money--SOLUTION== tax the rich yes tax democrats and republicans This is the worst president this country has ever seen Clinton , Regan kENNEDY WHERE ARE YOU This guy is an imposter, a smile , a poster , so transparent and thin He cant govern his way out of a shoe box What a mistake I made voting for this guy he is a joke Iknow the DNC the party regrets having him but they are stuck I am crossing party lines to vote for the country ,


Jenny. Agree holehardedly. I was also in Grenada and Beruit. 2nd Battalion 8th Marine Reg... Weapons Co... 0341 ( 81mm Mortars )


I like the way people refer to themselves as "progressives".....why don't you just say you are a fricking Commie or perhaps, "progressing towards communism".
Romney/Ryan although I would prefer Ryan/Romney