Barack Obama or Mitt Romney: Who should be president?

Obama vs. Romney
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Whoever tape the speech of Romney, that's a private meeting and you're not suppose to tape it. I'm sure that's demo people. If you vote Obama again, NO Company's will hire and alot of people will have no job. The tuition will be triple...wake up and think first before you vote.


Sorry Hollywood but we the people don't really care about your lives as much as you believe we do. We also don't care for your political views or opinions. For myself none of the Hollywood personalities impress me one little bit. What about you give over your millions to the government first and foremost since you want others do it for you. Since most of the hollywood types have no college degree in economics, business or history except in the arts of entertainments doesn't say much to me. What are afraid of not to show the true results of who the American voters are going to vote for. Vote wisely and responsibly this November the most important election of our lifetime. VOTE FOR ROMNEY/RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


THEY WERE UP TO 98 COMMENTS LAST I CHECKED...WHAT HAPPENED? Does this site not have any room to keep a running thread of the first to last comment? Too bad....lots of good stuff on all the previous pages. Now they are down to 42 and less pages (weird). Deleting?
So glad Obama can be on Letterman tonight but CAN'T MEET WITH ISRALI PRIME MINISTER when he is in town? C'mon, Obama. Just keep your cool guy popularity up right guy? are so empty...a real "suit"...worst president in this country's history.


For what it's worth, the voting on the poll here hasn't changed since comments were at 40 and judging by the PRO ROMNEY responses on this board. it is def skewed in Bozo's favor and likely to stay that way. Cheating comes easy to all his supporters, including pollsters.
But ANGER is a great motivator; look how last elections got majority Republicans in...hell Ted Kennedy's spot was taken by Scott Brown in MA, a state that is all dem all the time. SO if the angry vote is with Romney that is a good thing. We AMERICANS (not Muslims, Indonesians, Africans, etc.) are mad as hell, and we're not going to take it anymore. Hard when you're up against Obama campaigns cheatin ways...dead people WILL be voting again WITHOUT I.D. yet it took three SHOWINGS OF I.D. to get into the DEM CONVENTION! HYPOCRITES.


Dont worry about was caught on a hot mic he was talking the truth believe me im not rich but I have worked with a rich guy in the past and he was not ignorant thats how he made his money he taught me enough to make my own living,without food stamps welfare and housing !!!Im going with Mr Romney.Im in Bastrop Tx for all your critics out there.


Looks like 80% of the posters here WANT ROMNEY/RYAN and yet the stupid poll has BO's numbers way up? Who's diddlin the numbers in this poll? I know the Dems/Obama campaign are dicking with the National polls but someone on this celebrity site seems to be doing the same. And anyone not voting ROMNEY/RYAN is wasting their vote. It's two candidates people, get real. If you sit home you help no one, least of all yourself and the future of your families. IF SOMEONE ISN'T DOIN THEIR JOB, YA GOTTA LET EM GO! Thanks, Clint!


LIBS troll this insipid celebrity websites. ANGER is a great motivator and MILLIONS are mad as hell at Obama's lack of leadership and financial inexperience. Hell, the guy WAS A TWO YEAR SENATOR COMMUNITY ORGANIZER. He's great at creating class warfare, but what Romney said IS FACT. IF more than half of this country feels they are poor and need entitlements BO will win. Freedoms will disappear more and more with the Gov. taking care of YOU, like your parents. GO SEE THE MOVIE 2016! Wake the hell up or we are going the way of Russia...already have communist filtered media SHOVING DOWN YOUR THROATS this most horrible president in this once great nation! ROMNEY/RYAN ALL THE WAY, BABY!


I hope we Americans wake up before Nov. and vote the Romney-Ryan ticket.


I hope americans wake up before Nov. and vote Romney-Ryan otherise be will be in for a rude awakening..


VOTE Libertarin!!!!! The Party without PAC's!!