Ashley Hebert just made her choice. Do you agree with it? Will she and J.P. Rosenbaum last?

Chris and J.P.

I liked J.P. and Ben and it was really hard for Ashley to pick one but my favorite was Ames, he was so cute and I can't wait to see him on Bachelor Pad. I'd like to see him or Ben as the next Bachelor. Bentley was a jerk and Ryan was wishy washy! Maybe he'd be good as the next bachelor.


You have class, Ben. Good for you for not listening to her BS after she let you go through with the whole proposal. You can and will do much better. Don't let that whiny little minx be the standard by which you judge all other women!


Ben, you're MY pick...and thanx for keepin it "real" after she said no...cheers

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