And the Winner is?

Katniss has to make up her mind in The Hunger Games and now so do you: Are you a member of Team Gale or Team Peeta?

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Gale is hot and super sweet and in any other circumstances would be great for Katniss, but Peeta has this presence of inmistakable deadication which Gale has never shown. Beside Gale is too evolutionary and at times cold. You can't deny how in love he is with Katniss, and he matches perfectly with Kstniss. She is angry, frustrated,scared and Peeta is strong, soothing, patient and loving.




Go team Peeta! :)


peeta is the hottest of the two! liam no offense but u dont even stand a chance in my catergory, im team peeta all the way, and p.s. liam is sooo not hot compared to josh


For the person who went by "Death"...SCREW YOU! Im assuming you choose Peeta, but you shouldn't tell 56% of the people who took this poll to go to hell because Peeta isnt winning. Have you even read all the books? Do you know that Peeta goes crazy and has a destorted version of everything he did with Katniss? Yea it wasn't his fault it happened, but he tried to kill Katniss and I find that really desturbing.


Ok I did read the books and I was absolutely Team Peeta, how could you not be, but Jush Hutcherson is not who I would have picked to play Peeta. Liam is hot and Gale is supposed to be too. Peeta is suppose to be hot and Josh just fails in this Category for me... so I voted forLliam because this is about who is the bigger hunk... Hello the HUNKer Games, just saying. Releax it wont hurt the movie


i just have to say that since these people have now made this a "team" thing this movie is going to be ruined. this isnt vampires and werewolfs. this isnt a stupid book. its a book about a strong and brave girl witch just happens to fall in love. this is not what the movie should revolve around.


For those of you who chose Gale. I have reservations for you..IN HELL!


OBVIOUSLY non readers are the ones voting and JUST voting cause it's Liam. Because clearly, the winner is. And always will be PEETA! Not Josh, just PEETA.