John Mayer has slammed Taylor Swift for the song "Dear John." Choose a side now in this battle!

Taylor Swift in Hollywood

I completely agree with Roy. Mayer needs to grow up. Taylor Swift's song is witty and sounds great.


I think that Taylor Swift is awesome! Her songs make you feel good about yourself, and I feel invincible when I listen to her sing. In my opinion, Mayer is only getting worked up because he knows that Swift's song is good, so he is flustered and embarassed. Good for him!


Dear John is a great song! I LOVE it!
I'm about to turn 17 but i totally get the song and Taylor's feeling. Taylor writes those songs not just for making herself feeling better but also gives us a song to hold on to when we have feelings like that.
Not everyone can write songs,especially not good songs like Taylors. I tried to write songs, though not as good as Taylor's, they are the prove that i once experienced. When i look back at the time and listen to the songs, it reminds me of the old days, of what i have been and what i felt. I think so is the song Dear John means to Taylor.
Taylor will never meant to hurt anyone. John is taking too big a deal of this song.


Instead of acting like a victim here John should've known Taylor writes song about Relationships and Normal stuff that can happen to you and me.
So it's a bit childish to act like this.

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