Farrah Abraham has called out Kourtney Kardashian for having a second child outside of marriage. Choose a side in this feud.

Farrah Abraham on the After Show

yeah, great publicity for Farrah because I had never heard of her. The more she says the less I think of her though. Kourtney's situation isn't comparable to a Teen Mom's situation And why would she think "sh*t stain" is racist toward African Americans in the context he said it? Is she or her child part African American? Even then idk how she can defend jumping to that conclusion. lol

Zi jones

good publicity for this Farrah whoever because i had never heard of her before!


Lord, you people need to get a life, who cares, they both need to re-evaluate their lives and do what's best for the kids!


I am with Farrah. Because with all the money that Kardashians the baby will be riased by a babysitter. Kourthey will not spend one time with the baby she and her sister will be spending to much time with the TV show that they have and forget about the baby.


wow this is just stupid.. so what if she is having another baby (with or with out being married) people really wonder y the world is y it is.. well THIS is y.. people care more about STUPID twitter drama then they do about kids/people going without food.. toys.. clothes.. and other stuff.. u dont see that stuff being reported as much as u see this crap....... my thought is that both of them are ''grown'' and can make their own choices and need to NOT talk about others...


Farrah shouldn't be commenting on Kourt's pregnancy. She is 32 years old and doing well for herself. But then again Kourt doesn't want to marry Scott but wants to have his kids and their relationship hasn't been great. Not a good choice to bring another child into when they have so many issues. What kind of role models are they going to be to their children. Farrah needs to take care of herself and her kid and not worry about other people and their drama when she has her own.


Why doe s Kourtney care what Farrah has to say since she stated she is a 32 year old woman. I can't stand the Kardashians. I wish they would go away. They are terrible role models even if they want to be or not. Money hungry heathens. Go AWAY!


who is that loser to call any one out of contex. Just showes how low he realy is. Kourtney you picked a reeeeaaaaallll winnner hun!(not) I feel sorry for the kid/ soon to be kids that have him for a father!!!!


Farrah has the right to voice her opion, in this case though i do believe she is right, Kourtney is with a lil boy who has apon numorus time cheated on her and left her. she might be thirty but kourtney still has the mind of a 16 yr old girl. Two childeren with a man who cant decide what he wants after all this time is in the least the right thing to do. Farrah has made the sacrifice of going to school to better her future for her and little Sophie, she has not givin her baby up for anything, SHE is making the right choices for the better of her family.


Im with Farrah....

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