She lasted about a year in the anchor's seat. Are you happy to see Ann Curry off The Today Show?

Ann Curry on The Today Show
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Should CNN hire Ann Curry?

CNN may hire Ann Curry to anchor its primetime coverage. Good call?

Who would you rather watch: Ann Curry or Savannah Guthrie?

Here Today, gone tomorrow? Which host would you rather tune in to watch, Ann Curry or Savannah Guthrie?

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America Racism.


Watched Ann today do the segment on the Olympics. She is so amazing. Matt needs to go and they need to dump a Savannah. Ann brought real professionalism to the show. Today Show needs to bring Ann back!!!


We felt that Ann Curry was the best and most talented on Today show. Matt Lauer should have been let go. We wish Ann success and let her know that there many that think she is the best.


I always liked Ann and resent the way she was treated. Meredith had an insincere smile and phony presence. Ann's arrival as co-host brought sincerity, humor and solid reporting to the show. She offered a pinch of maturity to Matt's childish fluff. II will miss Ann, but not the show. Today has lost me forever.


Ann added so much class to the show. She is so sincere. What a loss. I seldom ever watch the show now.


I always enjoyed watching Today more on the days that Matt was off. Much much better when he was not there. It seems like since Ann has been gone, the segements are so rushed I can not tell what they are talking about. I felt like they were racing to see who could get done in the fastest time. Savannah is boring.


Irene M. I think it was a mistake letting Ann go. She was fun & sincere. Matt has become very boring to watch...I no longer watch the Today Show in the morning b/c Ann is gone. Who makes these decisions? Maybe they should be fired! All the best to Ann.


I was totally speehless when I found out. Ann was in a class unlike no other. She will be missed. What a classy, professional, beautiful lady. The Execs are idiots and they are not listening to their viewers. I am 50. I started watching The today show in my twenties during college. I seen them come and go however this move was a dumb one and not well thought out. No disrepect to Savannah but I can't tell her apart from the other female that is there now. Well and Matt....hmm..he is what they should be looking at. What a poor move. GMA here I come!!!


Matt is the one who needs to go. Ann was a breath of fresh air. Let's see what happens to the ratings now. I'm done with the Today show. Al needs to go too!!!!


It doesn't matter who they bring on in Anne's place. They will never replace her or bring more people to watch the show. Anne is the one I always looked forward to seeing and what she was reporting on. When she reported on something you knew her heart and compassion and feelings were in it and it showed and made you love her more. She was down to earth and you could feel her honesty and compassion for all that she did. I have no desire to turn the today show on just to watch the Today show now without Anne! Anne made the show and was the best co-anchor ever. Anne you are loved and so sorry this happened to you. You outshined all others ever!