Angelina Jolie: Too skinny?

Angelina Jolie at the Oscars
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She looked thin and very unsteady. Her award presentation was wooden and slow, and her cheeks were sunken. She looks ill and I hope she is able to recover from whatever is ailing her for the sake of her family.


She looks like a FREAK! Yikes - what does Brad see in her. Ugh!!!


She looked SICK ! I think she wanted to divert attention from her arms and face by showing off her leg, but it was skin and bones as well.


i love her have since the movie girl interupted ! but yes at this point she is way to thin... im not hatin i just think tht it looks gross .. there is such a thing a too think n when ur arms look like they gonna snap if someone touches u then yes UR TOO THIN ! deff drug or food issue


She is very thin and it is there for all to see.
Do I judge her? No. I'm fairly thin myself.
Do I get her? Yes.
Do I think she has "issues"?
Not to be unkind but when she was awarding another actor and etc. I thought she looked like a stick figure. Very boney and frail looking. Her face is all angles and lips.
I have always thought she was one of the most natural beautiful persons I have ever seen but all I see now is a wisp of a woman, insecure and fragile. Brad...step up!


she looks like she's either a drug addict or she has an eating disorder.


Angelina looked better when she played the part of a heroine addict in Gia, the movie about the she just looks disgusting. I mean really, did you see her arms and legs?