Amanda Knox cat burglar costume: Bad taste?

Amanda Knox Costume
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Amanda Knox: Guilty or innocent?

Amanda Knox: Is she guilty or innocent in your opinion?

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tigtog: [cites] in this regard Donohue is no ndffereit from the mullahs who flipped out about the Mohammed cartoons. Oh, stuff and nonsense. Do wake me up, please, when Donohue's people burn embassies to the ground, murder innocent clergy, assassinate filmmakers in the fucking street, and globally threaten the fundamental right of civilized people to free speech and a free press, through actual physical violence and the threats thereof. Get some perspective. This is mere tea-break political tussling. I'm honestly sorry that your blogger friend was forced out; but to continue to equivocate in these important matters is just another reason why so many people won't trust the left when other pushes come to other shoves. Far from burgeoningverdure, the hard wayis this street. Frank O'Hara


To dwightmlee: Your trailer-trash ignorance is appalling. Please do what you can to pick up a good education and open up your mind. And, especially, read.


My weiner is very big and justing bieber pee'd inside me and 11 monthes I will have a justin bieber gay baby.


dwightmlee - how did she get away with murder? Did she pay the Perugian police to be a bunch of bungling idiots? Did she pass subliminal messages to Magnini that the murder was a satanic ritualistic murder? Did she wave a wand and magically made all traces of her and Raffaele disappear with out smudging any of Guede's evidence? Did she put the bread dough on the knife blade and confuse the police into believing it was Kercher's cells? Did she bribe the police computer tech to fry 4 hard drives that likely had evidence to substantiate their alibis and relationship to Kercher? Did she leak all of the sensitive information, that ended up false, to the media to inflame public opinion against her? If so, then yeah, she is guilty. But for some reason, I don't see her having any interest in fueling the media against her.


She was convicted in the court of public opinion then declared to not have committed the crime (Italian way of sayig innocent) in a court of evidence and facts. The prosecutor, a convicted felon himself, in desperate need of a boost to his reputation created the most fantastic unbelievable story that appealed to the conspiracy loving Italians. Bungling police, Gestapo interrogations, destruction of evidence, and highly questionable "discovery" of evidence on top of drug addicts as the prime witnesses all worked to blow up the prosecution’s case. It is as simple as the one person that could be linked to the crime scene with hand prints, footprints, and several samples of DNA is the guilty party. The crimes committed by the Perugian's is jailing 2 innocent people for 4 years and allowing the killer's sentence to be reduced to 16 years, meaning he will be out of jail by 2020.


Knox got away with murder! This girl killed another girl she knew. She is a convicted murderer because she killed someone and was found guilty in a court of law. The privileged in America protest and appeal over and over again until they get their way - so she got off. But she is still a convicted murderer who is guilty – she is just one who got off because of the efforts of her cronies. Guilty as charged. Give her the chair! This is an outrage! Minimum: life in solitary.