Lisa Vanderpump's dog has Tweeted his remorse of Russell Armstrong's death. React to this action now.

Lisa Vanderpump, Dog

Lisa has portrayed herself as a genuine & sincerly sweet lady, with true class & kindness. She also is well known & beloved for her Giggy blogs. IMO, she was only doing what she does! I personally think it's quite sweet. Besides, the rumored "gag order' is meant for the ladies, NOT Giggy!


Wow. Trivializing a suicide, a tragedy. Makes me wonder who Lisa really is. Bravo always edited her favorably. Maybe shes just as self serving, greedy and narcissistic as the rest of them. I'm getting so turned off to Bravo and these incredibly mean, ugly housewives shows.


That's quite ridiculous, and I actually like Jiggy or Giggy or whatever she calls the doggie.

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