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Believe it or not, that is Britney Spears... out and about, looking very normal and happy, no less. Incredible. Look at that preppy outfit. Look at the natural hair color. Look at the lack of pregnant belly, ridiculously big breasts... and Kevin Federline! These pics are amazing!

Nice Underwear

The burning question: Is that Perry Taylor, a.k.a. the Manny, who supposedly had the gall to dump our girl Britney for that metrosexual stud Jude Law earlier this summer?

And if it is Perry / Manny, who is watching little Sutton Pierce Federline? We may never know the answers to these mysteries of life, but one thing's for sure: We love our Brit.

Oh, and K-Fed sucks. That's also for sure.

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It's the latest celebrity craze: confused couples.

Seriously, are you with Tony Parker or not, Eva Longoria? That picture says you are, but the thought bubble we made up says you're still pining for Mario Lopez.

Gosling Picture

Then there's Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. Vinnifer/Vaughniston can't settle on a nickname, let alone a stable relationship.

Now, it appears as though young love birds Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling are back together. Maybe. The Notebook costars reportedly broke up this summer, but the native Canadians looked very much the happy couple on Sunday in Toronto, taking their dog to the park and each other's tongues to town.

Gosling was in town shooting scenes for his new film, Lars and the Real Girl. The 25-year-old actor is receiving high praise for his latest performance as an idealistic teacher struggling with drug addiction in Half Nelson.

McAdams, meanwhile, is gorgeous. A dream boat. Someone who could give Scarlett Johansson a serious run for her sexy money.

She also recently finished shooting Marriage, a 1940s era drama about an adulterous man who plots to kill his wife to spare her the humiliation of a divorce.

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Hey, they don't call Paris the "Romance Capital of the World" for nothing, folks. We're talking about the famous European city, of course -- not the oversexed, annoying, disease-ridden and utterly worthless Hilton sister.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, who had been going through a rough time in their otherwise storybook relationship lately, appear to have patched things up over the weekend in his native France... or have they? See below.

Tony and Wife

The two were seen sucking face at a popular French nightclub until the wee hours of the morning last week, but is Parker the man who's really on the mind of this sultry, desperate housewife? T.H. Gossip thinks she still may be pining for Mario Lopez. The guy was an amazing athlete back at Bayside High School.

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Ben Affleck shows off his parenting skills while on daddy duty this past weekend. The actor giggled along with daughter Violet as they spent time together on a rocky beach off the coast of California near the exclusive Bacara Resort & Spa. Ben and his wife, Jennifer Garner, were in town to attend the wedding of her assistant at the Montecito Country Club. Jen served as a bridesmaid (right).

So cute. Don't you love them? Nice to see there are still some normal-looking celebrity couples out there. Talking to you, Britney & Kevin.

Bennifer Baby Time!

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Perhaps you have seen Kevin Federline in all his deadbeat, talentless glory and thought to yourself, "Man, what the f*%k is Britney Spears thinking? What I would not give to body slam the living $h!t out of that assclown!"

Well, tonight, WWE champ John Cena will live out your fantasy -- as somehow predicted by sage sports columnist Bill Simmons earlier this fall.

K-Fed, V-Prince Smokin'

During a taped episode of Monday Night RAW in Los Angeles, Federline made a surprise appearance in the ring and received a chorus of boos from a sold-out Staples Center crowd.

After an argument between K-Fed and Cena got physical, Cena decided it was time to "Lose Control" and unleash his signature move -- the F-U slam -- on Mr. Spears.

K-Fed, sporting his traditional white t-shirt and jeans, makes his way to the ring to a chorus of boos -- and meets John Cena when he gets there.

Also, Jackass star Steve-O takes a turn in the ring, but things don't go well for him, either. No Bam Margera sightings, sadly.

John Cena, you have acted on the wishes of millions by beating the snot out of Kevin Federline. And for that, we salute you.

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When we say "the bachelor," do you think of George Clooney? Most ladies probably do.

Another single man is making his mark, however. ABC's latest, desperate hunk is an actual prince named Lorenzo Borghese. Us Weekly recently sat down with him for an interview:

Ben Flajnik: Bachelor Pic

Q: Is there more pressure when you're a prince and a bachelor? Did the girls react differently?
LB: I don't think so. I hope the girls didn't flip out more than normal. I don't think having a title has anything to do with who I am. And if it does, then I start getting a little nervous about it. I found it interesting that the girls knew who I was before the show started because ABC released it early. But if a girl is interested (in me) because of my family history, it's sort of a turn off.

Q: Was it weird to have so many women vying for your attention?
LB: Yes. It's something I've never experienced in my life obviously, and it made me feel vulnerable in a way. I get scared when people meet me and they immediately start telling me how strong their feelings are for me. They don't even know me. Fortunately, on that first night, no one told me how in love with me they were.

Q: You're an animal lover, so we have to ask: Why didn't, Laura, the dolphin trainer make the cut?
LB: The dolphin trainer didn't make he cut because she was very nice, but I didn't feel like I got to know her. The twelve girls who made it are the girls I spent the most time with, that I thought I made a good connection with, and I really got to know.

Q: You've said you're not in PDA. How did you manage to escape the cameras?
LB: Well to be honest, I didn't escape it. I don't like being all over somebody like a slug. I don't think it's bad holding hands, but I've seen guys grab girls' butts while they're walking or making out like it's their last kiss in the world. It should be done in private.

** THG Note: Are you listening, TomKat?

Q: What was your favorite part of filming in Rome?
LB: Talk about PDA â€" it's accepted in Rome. At every corner someone is making out, someone is kissing. But the whole backdrop lends itself to that. You turn a corner and there's the coliseum. You're like, "Wow. This is romantic."

Q: How are Italian women different from American women?
LB: Italian women are more cautious about getting involved in a relationship. When you start getting involved with an Italian woman, one of the first things they do is introduce you to their family. In America, you don't meet the family for months. In Italy, they really want approval from their family before they go one step further.

Q: How do your parents & family feel about you participating in the show?
LB: They told me, "Just be yourself. If you do that, then we're going to support you. But if you're going to be someone you're not, don't do it."

Q: Are you "metrosexual"?
LB: I use a face cream with SPF as a moisturizer. I use cologne. And that's about it. I don't use hair gel. I take a shower, I get out and I'm ready to go. I'm low maintenance.

** THG Note: For more on metrosexualism, see David Beckham.

Q: What's the typical day in the life of a prince like?
LB: I'm just like any other guy. I get up, have a cup of coffee, work, have lunch, work in the afternoon until about 7pm, run, and then have dinner. I think about my job, my friends and my family. I'm just like anybody else.

Q: Who is your favorite prince?
LB: Prince, the singer. I'm more entertained by him. I like "Little Red Corvette." That's a fun song.

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John Mayer may still be tapping the backside of Jessica Simpson from time to time, but it appears as though a new contender is trying to get the rocker's attention.

Now single after a long relationship with Lance Armstrong, Sheryl Crow isn't shy about strutting her older - albeit still somewhat sexy - stuff, is she?

Jen Back With John!

Rumor has it that this stunt was actually Crow's retaliation for Mayer interrupting her set by coming out in a bear costume (seriously). But it appears as though the singer is trying out for a part on one of Sara Evans' husband's favorite films.

Try not to come on so strongly, Sheryl. You're making Victoria Beckham look subtle.

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Look out, Laguna Beach, you may have some new dramatic competition!

It's not from a likely source, either: Rosie O'Donnell is in talks to star in her own primetime drama from the creators of Nip/Tuck. She'd star as the caustic, diarrhea-of-the-mouth-plagued lottery winner Dawn Budge, whom Rosie memorably portrayed in a much-buzzed-about guest-starring turn.

Rosie Image

The rumor is so strong, moreover, that Nicole Kidman wants to be in the pilot. No word on whether any co-hosts from The View would appear.

Also no word on whether or not Star Jones would guest star as Rosie's annoying next door neighbor.

"They're in talks to do a show that would film in New York. I don't know about Nicole," said a rep for O'Donnell.

Hey, we hear Tara Reid is looking for work, too.

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All Hollywood stars take vacations from time to time. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo were recently spotted around New York, for example.

But could it really be possible that the worst of all Hollywood stars (keep trying for that honor, Brooke Hogan) will soon be taking an extended break from the spotlight?

Lindsay Lohan's Smile

Yes, Lindsay Lohan is begging for more pity from her tumultuous year, as she teases us all with talk about going away. Evidently, the break-up with Harry Morton and the constant partying is getting to the terrible actress.

"I might take a vacation, take a year off," said Lohan."I want to travel and learn more about other cultures. The more I've grown up, the more I want to do that."

By "cultures," the 20-year old obviously means "men from other countries." Russell Crowe may wanna warn his boys down under that a firecrotch is headed their way.

Meanwhile, we just wanna know if Lindsay needs any plane fare. The Gossip will gladly put together a collection plate.

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The cover of Blender is about to get mighty dirrrty. In the best possible way.

Indeed, of one The Gossip's favorites, Christina Aguilera, gave the magazine an interview recently. Here are some excerpts from it:

Madrid Premiere Pic

On getting props from Guns N' Roses:
"Axl Rose was backstage in the greenroom at the VMAs … and I heard that he made everyone in the room quiet down so he could hear my performance. When I met him backstage, he shook my hand and said, ‘You are one of the greatest vocalists of our time.'"

On taking charge of her own career
"It's really true: With freedom comes a ton of responsibility. I'm the only one in charge of the ship now. And if it sinks, it's my fault."

On the inspiration behind her new look
(ogle over Christina Aguilera pictures now):

"I watched tons of old movies. Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn, some Fellini. It was a real risk for me to go to this more glamorous place. But I wanted a different take on sexuality: more coy, more playful, more light, more tongue in cheek.

If a makeup artist would have handed me a red lipstick a few years ago…how do I put this? I would have wiped it off right then and there â€" that's the polite way of putting it."

On her marriage to Jordan Bratman:
"It used to be, the only good relationships I ever had were with gay men. That was before I met Jordy."

On having Jewish in-laws:
"I've been learning lots of Jewish words … Schlep. Like, I have so much stuff I have to schlep with me. And oy. And, of course, shiksa."

On her new more mature image:
"When you get married, you tune out a lot of the old bull$hit that used to bother you."

On Jessica Simpson slipping a note beneath her hotel suite door when they stayed in the same hotel during the MTV VMAs:
"She said the sweetest things about my work. Women are so supercatty sometimes … But Jessica is supersweet and noncompetitive. I sent her a big bouquet of flowers."

Once again, we heart X-tina. Instead of remaining catty with her competition, such as Jessica and Britney, she gives them props ... and presents for babies such as Sutton Pierce Federline.

She's good people.

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