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Do you care what Kimberly Stewart is doing this summer? No? Neither do we.

But apparently TMZ, a different celebrity gossip site, thinks people are interested in this rich, talentless socialite. Hence, the following diary:

A Kimberly Stewart Pic

Hey Everyone,

Kimberly Stewart here. I'll be writing to TMZ twice a week to give you guys all the inside dirt on my crazy busy summer. Here goes nothing!

I'm actually in London right now, working on finalizing a few TV projects and getting ready for my dad's wedding. Don't worry â€" You'll get the scoop on THAT in the coming weeks. Things are super hectic, because before heading to the UK I was working in Spain.

Trust me -- you don't want the jetlag from a 12-hour flight. It sucks. Anyway, I was over there working with Pronovias, the Spanish fashion line - and did a bunch of photo shoots.

Now I'm back in London a place I love -- and not just 'cause of my dad. The people are so warm and friendly, the nightlife is incredible and man do they love their techno music. Yow. My ears are still ringing. Although I haven't been able to go out much, since I've had to get up really freakin' early for meetings and photo shoots, but as soon as I get a night off, it's on.

* The Hollywood Gossip note: Complaining about waking up early while abroad for photo shoots is akin to us whining that Amanda Beard isn't nude enough on the cover of Playboy. Things could be worse, Kim.

I did go to this great party hosted by Victoria Beckham on Wednesday, all part of Graduate Fashion week. All the up-and-coming designers were there - showing off their latest designs. And before you ask, NO I did not get to meet Posh.


In this entry, at least, Stewart did not say anything about the fate of her supposed pal, Paris Hilton. Says a lot about that friendship, huh?

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Which American Idol star is most precious? Blake Lewis or Jordin Sparks?

According to a certain judge on the show, it's neither. Guess which critic believes she ought to be the center of all attention.

Indeed, train-wreck-tastic Paula Abdul went on a self-important diatribe during an episode of her reality show, Hey Paula. The crazy one ranted: "I'm tired of people not treating me like the gift that I am."

In the premiere, set to air June 28, Simon Cowell's favorite target appears addled after the 2007 Grammy Awards. She stumbles on the street and giggles in the back of her limo ("I crack myself up!") before her mood darkens and she berates two assistants for not bringing her sweat pants to change into for a flight.

The encounter makes Paris Hilton look unspoiled. Well, sort of. But it does reveal a needy celebrity who, in the lap of pampering, constantly believes herself to be mistreated by those around her.

"The way I've been treated is [like] a piece of dog sâ€"," Abudl complains in another typical outburst that insults canine feces everywhere.

All in all, it's obviously fantastic television. The singer makes Coley Laffoon look sane by comparison.

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As Katie Price and her loose vagina can attest to, lots of people are having sex these days.

Consequently, Gisele Bundchen has publicly criticized the Roman Catholic Church for its "outdated" view on contraception.

Gisele Topless

The Brazilian model - who previously dated Leonardo DiCaprio - believes the church should change its views because "no one is a virgin" anymore and contraception is necessary to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

It's hard to argue that point. Although it could be too late for Lindsay Lohan.

Gisele told Brazil's Folha de S. Paulo newspaper: "Their view of contraception is out of date because it was adopted when the women were virgins, the guys were virgins. Today, no one is a virgin when they get married."

(The Hollywood Gossip note: Jessica Simpson says she was. But she's made up for that with post-marriage banging of at least Adam Levine, Bam Margera and John Mayer.)

"To prohibit condoms is ridiculous, just think of all the diseases transmitted without them. How is it possible to not want people to use condoms and also not have abortions? It's impossible, I'm sorry."

Somewhere (probably from behind a nude Whitney Houston), Ray J is thanking Gisele for these comments. It's like she's helping him sell Trojans.

Bundchen's comments come less than a month after Pope Benedict XVI criticized government-sanctioned abortion laws and birth control during a five-day visit to Brazil, the most highly populated Roman Catholic country in the world.

They also arrive on the heels of her boyfriend, Tom Brady, knocking up his ex, Bridget Moynihan. The All-Pro quarterback could've benefited from these words of wisdom a few months ago.

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Katherine Heigl is in the news these days for starring on a hit show and contributing to hilarious Knocked Up quotes from this summer's funniest movie.

Paris Hilton is in the news these days for being a spoiled former jailbird that got released from prison because the system caters to those with money.

A Trashy Shopper

In other words: These two stars are a tad different from one another.

But not always. As you can see below, each seems to go for the same celebrity fashion look from time to time.

We assume Heigl has no interest in resembling Hilton in any way, but she may have been too distracted by the recent Isaiah Washington mess to think much about her wardrobe. That's okay, though.

We're sure Seth Rogen would still do her.

Paris, meanwhile, sucks more than Antonella Barba. But she also has other things to worry about aside from wearing the same outfit as a fellow celeb.

After all, she's totally mentally unstable, remember?

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We know it's been a few months their break-up, but Rachel Bilson may still be stung by the following news about her ex-boyfriend:

Adam Brody may have found a new, young, pretty gal to be all witty and sarcastic with.

While it's all just celebrity gossip at this point, the former star of The OC was seen out recently with Hostel II actress Lauren German. The two were very cozy the other night at the Tower Grove Villa in Beverly Hills, according to a spy.

They arrived together for a DJ battle sponsored by Reebok and Vitaminenergy, and "Adam spent the entire night with Lauren. He was caressing her back and refused to be photographed with her," the source reported.

And you know what they say: First the back... next the front!

We heard that's how Spencer Pratt nabbed Heidi Montag, at least.

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We hope he says hi to Lindsay Lohan while he's there:

Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora entered an undisclosed treatment facility on Wednesday, a rep for the band told People magazine.

Denise Richards and Richie Sambora Picture

"Richie Sambora has entered an undisclosed treatment facility in Los Angeles," the rep said in a statement. "He asks that you respect he and his family's privacy at this time."

The specific nature of Sambora's problem was not disclosed, but the musician hasn't had the easiest year in the world.

He and actress Denise Richards broke up several months ago after dating for about a year. In April, the rocker's divorce from Heather Locklear was finalized. And that same month, his father died of lung cancer.

"Richie has had a terrible year," a close friend said, although Isaiah Washington may now have had it worse.  "I think this was a culmination of all these things and finally he realized he needed to take care of himself. He'd put off everything for so long taking care of everyone else it was just time to stop and deal with his issues."

It is not clear how Sambora's treatment will affect his role in Bon Jovi. The band's new album, Lost Highway, is due out June 19.

The band is also set to appear on an upcoming episode of MTV's Unplugged, which was taped in New York on Tuesday. For now, though, Richie joins Lohan and other celebs such as Jesse Metcalfe as being unplugged from alcohol for awhile.


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Forget Grey's Anatomy gossip, this is now a fact:

Isaiah Washington will not be returning to the smash show, his rep and ABC Television Studio have confirmed.

Howard Bragman, Washington's publicist, says Washington's option was not renewed, and released the following statement from the actor: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more."

We're not sure what this reference to the 1976 movie Network really means, but gay people everywhere may need to be on the lookout.

The Grey's Anatomy cast was notified Thursday night of the final decision, which, says a source close to the situation, was a long time coming. In the end, Washington's behavior made him a liability.

For those that have been too consumed by Paris Hilton to remember: Rumors ran rampant following the season finale â€" during which Washington's character, Dr. Preston Burke, broke up with his fiancée, Christina Yang (Sandra Oh), and moved out of their apartment â€" that Washington would not be returning.

The actor first came under fire last fall after getting into an altercation with Patrick Dempsey, during which he allegedly referred to castmate T.R. Knight with a homophobic slur.

Washington later apologized, checked into rehab, met with gay leaders and recently released a PSA decrying the use of hate speech. Katherine Heigl had even seemed to give her blessing for his return.

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Incensed by recent rumors about his parenting ability, Coley Laffoon would like to take this opportunity to beat off. Outrageous allegations from Anne Heche.

Heche's soon-to-be-ex husband is out to set the record straight in their ongoing custody battle. First order of business? Establishing that he's no chicken-choking addict.

Second point: Anne Heche is just plain nuts!

One of the weirdest celebrity custody battles got even crazier today, when Coley Laffoon filed a response to Anne's allegations - that he is addicted to poker, strippers and masturbating to Internet porn.

In the documents, Coley Laffoon admits that he has occasionally checked out a few XXX sites, but only "when we were together."

Neither elaborated as to whether Coley prefers more tasteful Playboy-style spreads, such as the new one featuring a nude Amanda Beard, or kinkier stuff.

Anyway. Coley Laffoon says in response to his ex's remarks that it's Anne Heche who is certifiably insane - as publicized in her own autobiography titled... "Call Me Crazy."

Sorry to break this news, Britney Spears. We know you wanted to call your long-awaited autobiographical tell-all by that very same name.

Coley Laffoon claims that in the book, Heche "describes how she went to Fresno by herself after taking one pill of ecstasy, because she received a message from God that a spaceship was going to be meeting her there and taking her away."

Okay, we'd like to apologize to Britney Spears. Not even she can be considered in the same league as Heche. We pity you, James Tupper, even if you're just in it for ratings.

The jabs continue throughout the documents, with highlights including accusations of drunken arguments, manipulation, lies and strip club visits. No elaboration on whether Laffoon ever visited any of the clubs Joslyn Noel Morse performed at.

We can only hope that Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag actually make it to the altar... because their divorce battle would be something to behold.

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Kristine Lefebvre is so last month.

That beautiful former contestant on The Apprentice made quite the naked splash last month when she appeared on the cover of Playboy, but Hugh Hefner may have outdone himself with the following selection.

Amanda Beard Naked

In the issue that hits newsstands on June 8, Amanda Beard gets nude.

Sports fans - along with men with a pulse - have been waiting for this moment since Beard won her first Olymic Gold Medal at age 14. Sorry, we know that makes Hayden Panettiere seem like a senior citizen, but Amanda is 25 now. And hotter than ever.

We may not even have use for Holly Madison nude after this pictorial comes out. It gives breaststroke a whole new meaning.

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Seeing actual Jayden James photos? Shocking.

Learning that Paris Hilton doesn't have a real medical disorder? Not remotely surprising.

Supernatural Skank

TMZ has learned that the condition that enabled Hilton to be released very early from prison was purely psychological - and it was diagnosed by a psychiatrist that has invented mental problems for the heiress in the past.

Indeed, Charles Sophy visited Hilton in jail each of the last two days. We're told after Sophy's visit yesterday, word was passed to the sheriff that Hilton's mental state was more fragile than the brittle bones of friend Nicole Richie.

So it bears repeating: The reason for releasing Paris Hilton from jail had nothing to do with any physical issue. It was purely in her head.

But, wait, there's more absurdity! Last month, on the eve of a trial in which Hilton was accused of slandering socialite Zeta Graph, Dr. Sophy told the judge that Hilton was "emotionally distraught and traumatized" over her jail sentence, which prevented her from participating in a meaningful defense.

That trial was put on hold until August, just enough time to Sophy's checks from the Hiltons to clear, we're sure.

This guy is shadier than Spencer Pratt and Ray J put together.

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